Fantasy friday

The Quarantine (Part 8)

Really short Fantasy Friday post in Mr. Lutz’s POV.

Mr. Lutz’s POV

Stupid brats. I know I shouldn’t have brought them here. They’re fun for about an hour, but anything beyond that and I’m instantly annoyed. I would’ve been better off picking up Yuki. It would’ve been easier to get Yuki and S to play together since I’m pretty sure they were fucking each other before R had claimed S. 

But now, I’m stuck with Gia and Mia. I can’t believe they’re best friends. They fight like they’re each other’s enemy, but the fights may be even worse if they were actually sisters. At least they like having sex with both me and each other.

I lead them down to the basement. They’re about to learn their lesson for harassing S like that. I’m sure R wanted to rip their heads off when he saw and heard what we had walked into. 

I take them into the dungeon. I restrain Gia’s arms above her head to a chain connected to the ceiling. Mia is bent over and strapped to a table.

I place a spreader bar on the legs of both girls. Then, the girls start to scream when I place clothespins on their bodies. Both are now covered in clothespins; they look like masterpieces. I start to flick off the clothespins; we might be here all night. With each flick, they squirm and it amuses me. 

That should teach them. I take the restraints off of them and lead them into the bedroom. Now, the real fun begins.

To be continued….

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