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Acoustic Beat Of My Heart

She looked for beats in songs on which she could dance and drink. I kept looking for that acoustic song, in which my soul could sink. – Amrit PAL Singh

There’s something about acoustic music that makes it unlike any other genre. It strips away all the extras and somehow, allows for more emotion to cut through. Acoustic music has a simpler sound, but the rawness of it can be rather powerful.


Most of Tory Kelly’s songs are acoustic. Tori Kelly started off as a musician on YouTube.

I went through different phases in which certain songs of hers were on repeat. In love, suffering from heartache, loneliness…she had a song that would speak to me.


A dangerous plan, just this time
A stranger’s hand clutched in mine
I’ll take this chance, so call me blind
I’ve been waiting all my life
Please don’t scar this young heart
Just take my hand

When you meet your significant other, you take a chance on them. It seems quite dangerous because they’re essentially a stranger. The future is uncertain and sometimes, love is blinding.

I was made for loving you
Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through
Every bone screaming (I don’t know what we should do)
All I know is, darling, I was made for loving you

You feel like the culmination of everything that has happened in your life was to meet and fall in love with this person. Maybe this love is temporary, but it feels rather rare and perhaps we’re hopelessly in love for just a moment. It’s confusing on where the relationship is going, but in that moment, it feels like you were made to love them.

Hold me close
Through the night
Don’t let me go, we’ll be alright
Touch my soul and hold it tight
I’ve been waiting all my life
I won’t scar your young heart
Just take my hand

You long for them to hold you even in the dark both literally and metaphorically. You want your significant other to hold you close, perhaps a cuddle through the night. More deeply, you long for them to be your comfort and support during hard times. You don’t want them to ever let you go and you want to feel cherished and loved. It’s okay for them to love you deeply because you don’t intend on hurting them.

Please don’t go, I’ve been waiting so long
Oh, you don’t even know me at all
But I was made for loving you

Sometimes, one party loves the other more than the other loves them back. It’s sad and sometimes, one party begs the other to stay. It isn’t casual; it’s serious.


Maybe I am blind or maybe lover really is the one, but when I’m with him, I feel as though, he’s the one I’ve waited for all my life. I want him to reciprocate that love and I don’t want him to break my heart.

I like to compare the moments lover and I share to two teenagers crazy in love. I’m not sure if out relationship will last, but I love him and it feels right.

I tell lover all the time that I want him to hold me through the night because being in his arms makes me feel safe. It feels like he will always protect me and while, I can fight my own battles, I like knowing that I have a man who cares about me enough to want to keep me safe. I hope that he will hold onto me forever and never let go because I need him. He’s the one I’ve been waiting for all my life.

I fear that lover will leave me at times. I cling onto him tightly and each time I say goodbye to him, it is a long process. It’s sad that we can’t spend more time together. . Lover is the one I want to wake up to every morning and he’s the one I want to grow old with.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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Musically Ranting - Acoustic

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  1. Such a beautiful song. I can see how it relates to how you feel with lover. Feeling safe and cherished is something we all strive for and when we have it, we don’t ever want to let it go.

    1. I hope I never have to let it go. That feeling of being loved when you’re with someone is not something I’ve ever really had before him.

  2. Since I am fairly new to your site (and enjoying it 😉)…could you quickly explain the dynamic you have? Or point me in the direction of a post that does?

    1. I have two different men in my life. I have Sir and I have lover. While Sir has seen me naked, I’ve never had sex with him. Lover and I are dating exclusively…we’ve been dating for just under six months and we have a lot of sex. Both are aware of each other, but they’re also separate relationships. Lover is vanilla so I don’t get the kink side of things with him, but I do get the physical closeness with him. Sir is all sorts of kinky and feeds my emotional needs, but he lives in another country.

  3. Thanks, sass, for clarifying!

  4. A beautiful song, and I do hope you and lover will be together the way you want it, as he’s the one you’ve been waiting for 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. I hope so too.

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