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Adventure – Risky Sexual Encounter

The danger of adventure is worth a thousand days of ease and comfort. – Paulo Coelho

What is the longest period of time that you’ve gone without having sex? I’m not talking about the time you were a virgin or the time it takes to recover from childbirth or an injury/surgery. What is the long amount of time you’ve willfully gone without sex?

After my ex, it took me nearly four years before I had sex again. The first time I had sex since my ex was quite the adventure. The man lived a wild life. He was quite the kinky fucker, though he wasn’t dominant.


Before I met Sir, I had a Mistress. She knew how long it had been since I last had sex so she wanted me to see how many men and women I could have sex with in 24 hours. Obviously, one is the answer, maybe two at the most, because I’ve never really been the kind of person who sleeps with multiple partners at the same time. If I get pregnant, I’d like an easy way to know who the father is.

She told me to set up a Tinder profile. Mistress wanted to turn me into a slut and wanted me to get body count closer to three digits. All my profile said was, “Down for anything,” and within minutes, I had several matches. Tinder seems to be an adventure in and of itself as you never know what you’re going get. Sir once told me that, “Tinder is like a proverbial box of chocolate.”

One man that I matched with was an older gentleman. Actually, not so gentle as he was quite the kinky fucker. He was not dominant, but he was definitely kinky. Let’s call this man, Tony.


It’s 7:00am and Tony messages me. He’s at a hotel somewhat nearby and he wants me to come so he can fuck me.

I start to get ready and by the time I leave the house it’s closer to 8:00am. I drive to the hotel and it seems rather fancy and nice. He sends me his room number and I head up the lift. Standing there before I decide to knock, this is where the adventure really begins. Not knowing if he is legit or if he is an ax murderer was a bit scary.

I take a deep breath and then I start to knock on the door. I feel like I’m an escort or a call girl. He immediately opens the door and pulls me inside. I really hope that I don’t die.

Tony kisses me and pushes me onto the bed. He strips me from my clothes and I am naked before him. Tony starts playing with my cunt, but wants pleasure so he takes my head and pushes it into his crotch. I lick and suck his cock; now, my cunt is wet.

He wants me to ride him so I position myself over his cock and gently lower myself so that his cock enters my cunt. I rock back and forth. He stops me not too long into things because he is now limp. Tony is having issues.

He still wants to have fun so he lays me on my stomach and spanks me several times across the ass. It stings so good. Tony spreads my legs apart and thrusts his fingers into me. He’s not being gentle; I can imagine this is what he wants to do with his cock, but for some reason he can’t get hard.


Tony tells me that our time was going to very different. He invited another woman, but she didn’t want to be involved with another girl. It was meant to be a threesome, but he didn’t tell me that until I was there.

He asks what I would’ve done if the girl did come and I tell him that I would have had sex with her too. Tony didn’t realize that I was attracted to women too. He’s now really excited because being with a girl who is willing to have sex with both men and women opens up so many doors.

Apparently, Tony likes to go to sex parties as in orgies. He fucks many women in one night and the girl he’s with is expected to sleep with multiple people too. In fact, if I had been there the night before, I would have had to strip for multiple men and women and would have also been fucked by them too. It’s now an adventure that only lives in my fantasies.


What I had with Tony was truly a one night stand. He never contacted me after that though he said he wanted to keep me around. I guess once he was no longer drunk, he realized he didn’t like me. I have no idea.

But I’m okay with that because I moved onto the next adventure that same week. I went out on a date with a guy and then he fucked me in his car. That didn’t work out either, but I’m now happy with Sir and lover and these are adventures themselves. The Mistress ended up ghosting me as she didn’t want me to date; she only wanted me to be fucked by multiple people.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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Wicked Wednesday - Adventure
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  1. As a younger woman, I may have been able to take a directive like that, but likely not. I am not that adventurous. But, we also didn’t have tinder then, so it wouldn’t have been as easy. I’m the person who worries about safety first and imagines all the terrible outcomes. Maybe that is why I love reading the blogs of people who are more carefree than I am. I live vicariously through you all.

    1. I worry about safety as well. The first time I met lover, I was so scared. I told Sir where lover lived just in case something happened. At the moment, I think I’ve settled down a bit as I have a steady partner.

  2. Sad that the Mistress ghosted you, but it does seem like you had some great adventures. A pity you never heard from Tony again, but as you say, you’re happy with your Sir and lover now 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Yes, definitely happy. If things continued with Tony, who knows what would have happened. Going to orgies doesn’t seem like my style. I’d be afraid of getting an STD.

      1. Yes, that is something I would worry about too.

  3. an the spice of adventure and seeing what is out there. It is exciting and often as you said a touch frightening, like your was he a possible ax murderer

    1. Thank goodness he wasn’t an ax murderer. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going so no one would have been able to report me as missing.

  4. Another great post – I too went without sex for about 4 years – looking back it is difficult to pin it down precisely and u know what i once had a one night stand with a guy called tony – lol thou on my blog i call him Gino and after i thanked the stars he was a nice guy
    May x

    1. Haha. Tony just seemed like an appropriate name for a one night stand. No offense to any Tony’s out there.

      1. lol

  5. Howie says:

    An amazing exciteing story but I can’t imagine how brave you were to knock on his door like that! Great story that now fuels my fantasy of meeting someone like you😘 Howie

    1. Haha…Tony had said that when I answered so quickly that I would come, he was surprised. I guess even on Tinder, girls don’t really do the hump and dump thing haha. Hopefully, that fantasy comes to fruition.

  6. Amazing post

  7. avantikapinku says:

    informative post. .. Go figure.

  8. avantikapinku says:

    Informative post.

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