Tie Me Up Tuesday

Stardust Harness – How Do I Look, Sir?

MLSlave’s prompt for Tie Me Up Tuesday is the Stardust Harness from The Duchy.


Since the beginning of my relationship with Sir, I’ve always had quite dirty fantasies of things he’d to do me. Many of those fantasies involved Sir tying me up while I was completely naked. The thought of Sir tying me up and restraining me while in such a humiliating state is quite arousing. Bondage was actually one of things that intrigued me about Sir; I knew he liked it and I was interested in it as well.

Our knot was
Our nakedness
Binding us in
Everlasting kink

sass c.

If Sir stripped me naked and put me in a hishi karada, I think there’d be quite a large puddle beneath me. I had shared that fantasy with Sir before. He had sent me this self-tie tutorial and told me to see if lover would tie me up. It never happened, but I still desired it.


The end result was meant to look something like this…

Stardust Harness

This was definitely a lot harder than the Rope Cuffs. It seems as though a partner was needed to achieve this, but I wanted to attempt it anyways. It felt as though, it would get me on step closer that hishi karada I’ve dreamt about.


I grabbed the purple rope to do the Stardust Harness because it was my least favorite color of that, red and black. If I messed up and was tangled in the ropes, cutting the purple rope instead of the red or black is my preference.

I started to weave and loop the rope around me until I ran out of rope. My rope is longer than the one in the Stardust Harness tutorial, but my boobs and rib cage are bigger than the model’s.

Stardust Harness - Rope 1

This is as far as I got with the purple rope. I laid there trying to think of how to get further. Then, I finally decided to grab the red rope and tie it to the purple rope. With the second rope, I got a bit further, but it was challenging because I could not see the where the ropes were placed on my back.

I also didn’t know how to do a Munter Hitch to lock it off so the look was rather incomplete. Sir looked at the completed Stardust Harness on me and said that I had missed a few knots by my neck. I knew I did, but didn’t realize it until I looked at the photo after I had taken the ropes off.

Stardust Harness - Complete

This was the completed look of the Stardust Harness. It doesn’t look like the finished product on the model, but I’m proud of it considering it was only my self-tie.


The photos I took of the Stardust Harness weren’t satisfying and an easy tutorial popped on my Pinterest. The tutorial was a Pentagram Harness so I gave it a try the following night.

I also did the other harness while wearing a tube to cover my boobs. At first, I didn’t want to show my girls off on here, but I wanted to send something sexy to Sir. I’m normally not wearing any clothes at all in the photos I send to Sir. So here’s the first and maybe the last photo you’ll ever see of my tits haha.

Perhaps, one day, I’ll be able to do a self-tie hishi karada. I’d love to take photos like that and send them to Sir.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

sass c.

i'm just your average girl with a dirty mind. young, asian and submissive...does that pique your interest? constantly in a battle with myself whether to stay confined by my cultural values or to break free like the freak i am.

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  1. That is amazing the that you are doing this me being s rigger myself. I understand that hitch is good for rock climbing, I would do something different.

    1. I’ve always been interested in bondage, but most of the guys I dated were extra vanilla haha. Finally, I just bought rope myself so I could try these tutorials.

      1. I remember my first hogtied woman. I’ll keep it short, 1 hour, 10 O’s and a very happy Master.

        1. It’s too bad lover seems more interested in being tied up than learning how to tie me up.

  2. It’s do good you did this tie by yourself. I asked my husband to help, because I can’t tie behind my back. Love your images, also the pentagram tie!
    ~ Marie

    1. Thank you. I wish I had a bit of help haha. Too bad lover isn’t into it. I show him pictures of myself tied up, but he just says that it’s crazy.

  3. Honestly, tying is hard. I got so frustrated over not getting it when I started out and I’m so happy to read that you aren’t beating yourself down for struggling. It’s natural, you have to learn things to be able to do it! And I’m so glad than rather that it discouraged you you tried another harness instead and it looks perfect. I feel rather privileged that you’ve shared your boobs with us! Also I had to laugh at “If Sir stripped me naked and put me in a hishi karada, I think there’d be quite a large puddle beneath me.” because same lol!

    1. In the past, I think I would’ve gotten frustrated as well. Maybe, I was just so excited to finally be tied up haha.

      1. Haha, to be fair, being tied up is very exciting!

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