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The Best Dom For This Submissive

“The thing is that you brought this out in me. How could I want it with anyone else” – JM Storm

LittleSwitchBitch’s current Quote Quest prompt are these wonderful words from JM Storm. I’ve been following JM Storm on Instagram for a while and I absolutely love what he writes.


When I met Sir, my creativity was boosted. It’s as if Sir was my muse that I had been lacking for so long. I had written so many poems when I met Sir.

Desires for you on a cold winter’s night
Fantasies of you to which I have no right
Sprawled out naked on my bed
You study me like a book you’ve never read

Your hands on my body is what I crave
A mental construct of you is what I save
Naked on the floor with my ass in the air
Come and mount me if you dare

Undeniable longings for your propinquity
A need to find bliss in this forbidden city
Standing naked in this swanky hotel
A task for you, I must do well

I never imagined this life for me
You are the warden, I am the detainee
Naked and bound by this knot
You are the author and I am the plot

This was a poem that I wrote for Sir before I started blogging. He brought out my dirtiest fantasies that I kept hidden deep inside of me. Sir brought out the truth about my sexuality.

Being with Sir has brought out my submissiveness. I’m naturally submissive, but I don’t submit to just anyone. Sir says that I am selectively submissive and that I only submit to those who I deem worthy. I guess I don’t deem to many people worthy of my submission, but Sir is smart, sexy, honest, caring and dominant. With him, I was eager to submit and I don’t regret that decision.

I am the sub that I am today because of Sir. He helped cultivate my kinkiness and now I’m his dirty little whore.

Sir is the best Dom for me and the only Dom for me. How could I want this with anyone else when he’s the only one who makes me want to be a slut, exhibitionist, and his submissive. I couldn’t.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

Image Credit: Dainis Graveris on Pixabay

Quote Quest - His Submissive

sass c.

i'm just your average girl with a dirty mind. young, asian and submissive...does that pique your interest? constantly in a battle with myself whether to stay confined by my cultural values or to break free like the freak i am.

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  1. Hello and thank you so much for joining in with quote Quest <3 I must admit this is my first time reading your writing and I loved that poem. Sexy, funny and it gave me a giggle.

    I hope to see you joining in more x

    1. Thank you. I had written my post and deleted it several times. I kept fixating on certain things, but I guess it was best to sum it up as Sir bringing out my submissiveness.

      Thank you for hosting this new meme.

  2. That’s a beautiful poem! I feel about my husband you feel about your Sir. There just can’t be any other Dom for me.
    ~ Marie

    1. Yes and if things were to end with Sir, I don’t think I would look for another Dom. I can’t imagine anyone living up to him.

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