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His Submissive – A Collar Around My Heart

I decided to participate in Lillith Avir’s new meme, No True Way. The first prompt is, “Whether worn or not, a collar is never off.” I think when you have a partner in a D/s relationship, whether the submissive has a physical collar or not, the behaviors/lifestyle should be reflected as though a physical collar is present.


In D/s relationships, collars are normally worn by the submissive to indicate their status in relationship to a Dominant. Essentially, collars are the wedding rings of D/s relationships. That being said, collars show that the submissive belongs to or is being considered by a Dominant. It is basically telling other Dominants to go find their own submissive haha.

Being in a long distance relationship means that there is no collar. Even if I were to see Sir, it would probably only be for a day or night.

The only way he’d be able to collar me at the moment is to send me a collar via mail and international shipping is not budget friendly. Officially collaring a sub in a long distance relationship seems like a lot of hassle so I don’t wear a physical collar.


I don’t think a physical collar is needed. It’s just a symbol. Taking off a wedding ring doesn’t mean you’re not married (unless you took it off after a divorce or you became widowed).

Submissiveness is a mindset. It’s a way of life. My submission to Sir isn’t bound by the use of collars.

I may not strut outside the house sporting a collar, but I am still his submissive. However, I think the lack of a collar requires more trust on the Dominant’s part. The Dominant has to trust the submissive in their interactions with others.

I am devoted to Sir, with or without a collar. Sir has a strong hold over me and even without a physical collar, I know that I belong to him. And I’m sassy enough to tell off anyone who tries to undermine my relationship with Sir.

Whether worn or not, a collar is never off. Why? Because the collar I wear is the one around my heart.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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No True Way - Collar - Submissive
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  1. That is very true, but it is nice to see it around a submissive. I actually like my submissive to wear the pink breast cancer awareness rubber bracelets for one it says I (heart) BOOBIES, I very much support all breast, and lastly it just my way of control.

    But even without that there are so many ways for a Dom to feed his or her submissive’s deep submission. The collar is a visual reminder and a do not touch without permission or said hand will be removed forcefully. (Sorry went a little dark there). On a lighter not it cant’t be helped when a submissive is just amazing y’all draw people to you because of it, and people want taste amazement. Sadly, to say they wont because they don’t have control and people really hate that which feeds my Fire to be more public about it.

    This was an enlightening post give my regards to your Sir.

    1. I don’t go to munches or events so there’s little opportunity for someone to try to weasel in there without Sir’s knowledge. But my kink life is like a complete secret in my vanilla world haha.

      If Sir wanted me to physically wear something to signify that I am his, I’d happily do so, but with the distance, it’d be hard to collar me. So I don’t need to be wearing a collar to remind me of my place. I know that I am his and my world revolves around pleasing him.

  2. Thank you for participating and sharing your thought.
    I agree with you.
    And I love the thought that you have a collar around your heart.


    1. Thank you for reading. When so much of my relationship with Sir is based on the emotional aspect, it’s my heart that’s been tethered to him more so than anything else.

  3. I agree with you, not wearing a collar doesn’t mean you are not a devoted submissive, just like taking off your wedding ring doesn’t mean you are not married anymore (except of course for the exceptions you have named). It’s all in the mindset 🙂
    Nice post!
    ~ Marie

    1. Definitely. Some married people cheat even while wearing their ring so I supposed collared subs could very well do the same. It’s a symbol, but symbols are meaningless to a person who doesn’t believe in the weight of it.

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