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Surrender – Her Lustful Surrender

Surrender. This week, the theme for Wicked Wednesday is Surrender. Sometimes, that feeling of surrender or submission can be a bit addicting. This is a story about a lonely girl and her lustful surrender to an unexpected person.

Firstly, I want to say thank you to Sir for helping me write part of this story. I had sent Sir the first draft of the story then he told me what I should add. Secondly, I feel like a giddy little girl that he was part of the writing process. Thank you Sir. I hope that I will be able to surrender my body and mind to you in person.

“Submission is a duty from the mind. Surrender is from the heart, an emotional attitude that gives all to your beloved as you have each other.” —A married woman (From Psychology Today)


Catrin sat on the balcony overlooking the clear blue ocean. She was lonely as this was meant to be her honeymoon. Just a month earlier, Jonathan had left her at the altar. She already paid for the trip to Fiji so she decided to get away from the rest of the world.

“I should have known. He was always ‘too busy’ to spend much time together over the past few months. I don’t even remember the last time Jonathan touched me.” Catrin was lost in her thoughts when a man in the room next to her walked out onto his balcony.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Catrin looked to where the voice was coming from. Immediately, a scowl formed on her face.

“You!” Catrin was not happy. On the other balcony stood, Roman, her older brother’s childhood friend. Even when they were still kids, she always thought the he was obnoxious growing up and always had a distaste for him.

“Well?” Roman stood there waiting for an answer. Silence. “I asked you a question. WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING. HERE?”

Catrin’s brows crinkled. “Well, I was relaxing before you showed up. Why are you here? Are you stalking me or something?” Catrin was starting to notice that Roman was no longer that dorky adolescent boy. Now, he had sculpted shoulders and abs that glistened in the sunlight. His jaw was defined, just the right amount of scruff and he had developed a sex appeal.

Catrin tried not to stare at his body, but it was too late, Roman had already caught. “Like something you see?”

“Ughhh.” Catrin huffed and marched back into her hotel room.


Catrin had then showered and got ready for dinner. She put on a satin red spaghetti strap dress. It went just past her knee but had a slit on the side that showed just enough of her silky smooth legs. The dress hugged every curve of her body. She wore ruby red lipstick and her eyes were smoldering. Her long ash brown hair swept along her back.

Catrin went down to the five star restaurant in the resort. It was rather crowded. However, she was rather fortunate because she booked her reservation months in advanced. The hostess seemed a bit confused seeing her alone, “The Mister isn’t joining you this evening?”

Catrin was about to open her mouth. Then Roman appeared. He looked her up and down; he found her mesmerizing. “Sorry for keeping you waiting.” He planted a kiss on Catrin’s forehead and wrapped an arm around her waist.

Catrin grimaced, but didn’t protest as she didn’t want to cause a scene. She thought maybe a bit of company would be nice considering her loneliness.

So they wined and dined and actually managed to share a few laughs. Roman had shared that he was in Fiji for business. The hotel chain he worked for wanted to expand to Fiji and he was here to scope out the area. Of course this was a lie. Roman couldn’t let Catrin know that he was an executive at the chain that owned this very resort. He had access to the system and was able to see Catrin’s reservation. He then purposely booked a room next to her knowing she’d be here alone.


Catrin found it nice to have a distraction from Jonathan. When dinner was over, Roman and Catrin walked back to their rooms. When they arrived at Catrin’s door, Roman boxed her in against the door. It was clear that sexual tension had built up over dinner.

Catrin looked Roman in the eye and he went in for the kiss. A steamy passionate kiss. They made their way into Catrin’s room. Clothes started flying everywhere as soon as the door shut behind them. Roman soon had Catrin pinned to the bed.

Roman imagined this moment since he was a teenager. He always had a crush on Catrin.

Jonathan was no longer on Catrin’s mind as she was immersed in her lust for Roman.

Roman’s hands explored every curve of Catrin’s body, but it left her aroused and wanting more. He took his time. It was torture for her, but she needed to feel wanted.

His mouth explored her erogenous zones. She succumbed to his tantalizing touch. Then her moans filled the room and Roman knew his dream had finally come true. He was finally going to have her.


Roman cupped her cheek and stared into her emerald green eyes. He could see how much she wanted him. He could also see just how much she needed him. So he didn’t waste another second and Roman plunged into the depths of Catrin’s womanhood. They both moaned with want.

She tried to resist. She didn’t want to surrender to his hold on her, but it was no use. This is what she wanted. He was what she needed. She wanted to be owned. She wanted to feel loved and she needed to be wanted. Roman did this for her.

Consumed with overwhelming desire, Catrin finally surrendered to Roman. In her surrender, pleasure overtook her and she screamed out his name. Roman followed shortly, cumming deep within her.

Then Roman opened his arm and she cuddled with him. She found herself lost in surrender and knew that she was now an addict. They both knew this was only the beginning as they were now each other’s drug. Catrin drifted off to sleep blissfully in Roman’s arms as she finally felt wanted again.

The End

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Wicked Wednesday - Surrender
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  1. mmm I like how he made sure he had a room next to hers, and how they were drawn to each other. Beautiful story 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Thank you. I had put him in the room next to her, but Sir came up with how he got that exact room. Now, I think I need him to contribute to all the stories I write haha.

  2. This was fun – I’m always drawn to stories where the characters ‘wake up’ to the fact that there is a sexual attraction when they have history. I agree, that twist your Sir added gave Roman a more ‘domly’ purpose.

    1. I’m sure Sir will be happy to hear that. Now, I need him to read all my stories before I post them haha.

  3. I enjoyed reading this and really like that it became a collaboration between you 😊

    1. Thank you. I was happy that he contributed as it’s been a while. He used to help with some of poems. Since he’s so far away, it’s nice to have something we both worked on.

  4. Ah yes the potent addiction of another person – I could relate to that concept
    May x

    1. Yes, once I had a taste of Sir’s dominance, there was no turning back haha.

  5. a sexy surrender. you and sir made a very hot story

    1. Thank you. I enjoyed working on it and I’m sure Sir will be happy to hear that as well.

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