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Big Realization – Dad Bods Are Sexy

Prompt No. 5 in Mrs Fever’s Summer Writing Project is Big. I thought of a big realization. I’ve always found dad bods to be sexy, but how men actually felt about having a dad bod wasn’t something I actually paid much attention to until recently.

Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It’s a state of mind.

Amisha Patel


I’ve always found both my Dom and my lover to be sexy. There’s no question about that. They both have the ability to get me wet and salivating in a matter of seconds. Nothing has changed about that.

Lover has a tendency to say that he’s not that great when I compliment him. He actually gets a little defensive when I say something nice about him. When I call him sexy, he laughs it off. I didn’t quite understand why. I knew that his ex left him battling some issues, but still I’m the girl who has the hots for him and who has no problem opening her legs for him.

One day, Sir and I were talking. He was about to shower and I told him that I was salivating over that image. He got out of the shower and sent me a picture of him with just a towel around his waist. My response was that I had a super sexy Dom. He said, “As you can see, I don’t have a six pack anymore.” I told him that it didn’t bother me.

That day, I had a big realization. I realized that men have insecurities about their body image almost as much or maybe even just as much as women do.


I’ve had crushes on really fit guys, but most of the guys I’ve dated didn’t have the body of an adonis. It doesn’t really matter to me. I have found men of all shapes and sizes sexy.

Sir and lover have what people would call a dad bod and there’s nothing wrong with that. But before Sir mentioned the lack of a six pack, I didn’t realize that it may have been an issue. I knew that many men liked to workout to keep their six packs, sculpted shoulders, etc. However, I didn’t exactly realize that those men may in fact be plagued with insecurities about their bodies. Or maybe I did, but didn’t pay much attention to it.

So what it they don’t have their rock hard abs anymore. It doesn’t bother me. I find dad bods to be quite sexy. Since the big realization that it may be something that bugged them, I’ve made it a point to tell them they’re sexy on a regular basis. And honestly, being with someone who doesn’t look like an Adonis, lessens insecurities of my own because I don’t feel as pressured to look ‘perfect.’

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

Big Realization - Dad Bods Are Sexy
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  1. Yes, that’s definitely a big realization.

    I think there is a lot of pressure on people to look a certain way (because of media, peer pressure, etc.), and we don’t always realize that the person we’re attracted to might feel like they don’t measure up to those expectations.

    I don’t really experience physical attraction as its own thing; for me to be attracted to a person’s body, I must first be attracted to them as a person — intellectually, emotionally, based on their personality. So ‘sexy’ is something that’s defined – for me – first by non-physical elements, which then carries over. If that makes sense.

    The result is that my partners’ physical attributes and body types have varied widely. Their general shape(s) is not even something I think consciously about.

    I wonder how true that is for others?

    1. I think with online dating, it’s hard not to look at physical attraction. With guys I’ve met in person, it’s a different story as I could find no interest in someone at first only to find them really attractive a year later after I’ve gotten to know them.

      I think guys with dad bods are sexy, but I also think guys with six packs are sexy. Race doesn’t really play a factor in it either. I can drop a guy who is physically appealing in seconds if he’s an asshole. So I guess for online dating, there is some physical attractiveness that comes into play, but it’s a good personality that makes them keepers…and must have good hygiene haha(I don’t want to be constantly smelling funky odors in bed 🤣).

      1. Good point, re: online dating.

        I’m old enough (and, I suppose, old-fashioned enough) that online dating is not really part of my life experience; I tend to forget that’s how dating is done these days.

  2. I am right with you on dad bods! In the other hand, I have never really been one to go for the looks – face or body – of someone, as it’s always the personality that attracts me 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. When I swipe left or right, physical attraction has something to do with it, but I can lose interest in a day of talking to them shows they are dull or a douchebag.

      But I think men when ‘dad bods’ need to be told they are sexy. In a way, I feel as though they need to feel wanted on a physical level and letting them know that they’re still panty droppers could just make their day.

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