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Because He’s Daddy

I wished Sir a Happy Father’s Day because sometimes I like to call him Daddy haha. Obviously, Sir is not my father. That’d be pretty weird and gross because I send Sir nudes, Sir controls my WeVibe and I’m sexually submissive to him. I sent Sir a nude after I wished him a Happy Father’s Day. The image attached to this post is a highly edited version without face.


Sir is still an important man in my life. I look up to Sir. He cares for me. Early on, Sir showed a great deal of care for me so I told him that was one of the reasons why he was the only Dom for me. Sir said that a Dom needs to available for their sub’s emotional needs. Sir is there to tend to my emotional needs.

When I am feeling down, scared or like I need more affection, I call him Daddy. It’s been the case a lot lately. I think with COVID, recent violence in my community, and a lot of other current stressors, I’ve sought his comfort and protection a lot.


Comfort, not so much in a traditional sense, but there is comfort found in belonging to Sir.

Some days, I really wish I could cuddle with Sir. Actually, that’s like every morning. From the moment I wake up, I have a lot of stress so I imagine that he’s here cuddling me and it calms me down a bit.

When we talk, he puts a smile on my face. I like when he gives me his attention.


I like to tell Sir that he’s a genius because I think he’s really smart. Every time I have a problem, I tell Sir and he normally has a solution or some advice to give. When I’m trying to figure something out and I just can’t seem to find an answer, Sir normally knows the answer.

So though Sir is not my father, he is also Daddy to me and therefore, wishing him Happy Father’s Day felt like the right thing.

Yours Truly,

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  1. This is a really sweet post 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Thank you.

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