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The Quarantine (Part 7)

We get to the bedroom door and we hear what sounds like something hitting flesh followed by squeals and screams. Sir starts chuckling. “Sounds like Mr. Lutz is punishing the girls. Maybe, I should punish you too.”

I look up at Sir. “But why, Sir? What did I do wrong?” I give him a cute innocent look. 

“Don’t give me those puppy eyes.”

Sir opens the bedroom door and pushes me toward the bed. “Lie down, spread eagle.”

“Yes, Sir.” I lie on the bed and spread my legs for Sir. 

Sir inserts a vibrator into my cunt. He turns it on to the lowest setting. 

“Sir, I can barely feel it.”

Sir pinches my nipples. “Oh honey, we’re just getting started.” Sir gives me an evil grin. 

Sir grabs a blindfold and ties over my eyes. “I don’t want you to know what’s coming. I want you to feel every little touch.” Sir restrains my hands to the corners of the bed so I can’t get away from him. 

I feel his breath on my skin. His fingers tracing the curves of my body. Sir was right. My sense of touch has been heightened. 

Sir rolls my nipples between his fingers. They are highly sensitive. I squirm as there’s a pinch. I think Sir has put nipple clamps on me. 

Sir’s hand is touching my cunt and suddenly, the vibrator becomes more powerful, but not unbearable yet. I gasp from the sudden change. Sir is sure to flick and pinch my clit while his hand is still there. 

I hear Sir unzip his pants. It sounds like his clothes have hit the floor. The bed shifts slightly and I can sense something above my face. Something is slapping my face. I think Sir’s cock and balls are in my face. 

“Open that slutty little mouth of yours!”

I open my mouth and Sir drives his cock into me. “Show me how much you love my cock. Suck my cock well, slut!” I suck on Sir’s cock. I nearly stop when I feel his tongue brush against my clit. Between Sir’s tongue and the vibrator, I’m not sure how much longer I will last. I continue to suck Sir’s cock trying not to think about the orgasm that is building. 

Sir must be in my head because he stops licking my clit or maybe he’s about to cum because he’s pulsating in my mouth. 

Sir removes his cock my mouth and the bed shifts again. It seems like Sir is standing on the bed over my face. I guess I am right because he is cumming all over my face. The bed shifts again. Sir must have gotten off the bed. 

“Now, that is the face of a slut.”

I hear Sir walking away. Where is he going?

“Sir? Are you still here? Where are you going?”


It feels like forever has gone by and my cunt is tormented. I want to cum, but if I do, I know Sir will be upset. 

I finally hear Sir walking back into the room. “How wet is that cunt, little slut?”

“Sir, I feel like I’m going to die. Please let me cum. Please Sir.”

“No! You will cum when I say you can.”

Sir unties my wrists and flips me over. He pulls my hips so my ass is in the air. Sir then pushes my face into the bed. “Tonight, your ass is my sex toy.”

Sir lines his cock up to my ass hole and slowly pushes himself in. I let out a gasp. His size seems to surprise me every time he enters my ass hole. I can really feel how stuffed I am with his cock and the vibrator. Sir moans before he even starts to thrust. He must be able to feel the vibrations. 

Sir begins to thrust in and out of me. My screams are muffled by the pillows Sir has shoved my face into. 

Sir pulls me by the hair. “Who does this ass belong to?” I find myself unable to speak. Sir starts thrusting harder. “I asked who this ass belongs to.” 

“Uhh uhh…” barely able to get a word out. 

Sir slams even harder into my ass hole and I let out a large shriek. “Who does this ass belong to?”

“Uhh y-y-you.”

“What’s my name, slut?”


Sir continues to thrust in and out of me. I feel like I’m going to burst. Sir pulls the vibrator out of my cunt, but continues to thrust into my ass. “Cum for me, slut.”

I can feel Sir’s cock growing more and more inside my ass. I burst into a fit of moans and screams as an orgasm ripples through me. Sir cums in my ass shortly after. 

Sir collapses on top of me. My body flat on the bed while his cock is still in my ass. Sir’s head is resting on my back. 

We stay like this for a while. Sir pulls out of me and crawls up so his mouth is near my neck. He kisses and bites my neck. Feeling is breath on my skin again makes goosebumps form on my arms. Sir whispers in my ear, “You did well, little slut.”

Sir gets out of bed to clean up and when he returns, he scoots me over so I’m not right smack in the middle of the bed. He gets into bed and stretches his arm out, inviting me to cuddle with him. Sir kisses my forehead and rubs my back until I drift off into a deep sleep.

To be continued…





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  1. Sounds so inviting. Great job. It also has me wondering about the double mint twins and Mr.Lutz? Its kinda weird that I want to and about how the twins are handled by Mr.Lutz that takes a lot of energy and responsibility for a twofer.

    1. He will probably need a drink after the night he is having haha.

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