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Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power.
Sigmund Freud

This weeks prompt for Wicked Wednesday is Magic so I decided to present it in the form of a supernatural love story. I’ve always enjoyed the darker side of magical/supernatural creatures…something that leaves you a bit haunted and mystified at the same time.

It’s Wednesday, June 17th. It’s a bittersweet day. It’s the tenth anniversary of Ryland’s death, but the only day of the year that I get to see him again.

I haven’t dated in years. I had tried until the first anniversary of his death. I saw him again. I could feel his breath upon my skin. His fingers danced along my shoulder as I shuddered with a great chill.

The following year, it happened again, but this time, I had felt his possessive kiss upon my lips. I knew I was still his. It’d be useless to get over him because he’s the only man I’ll ever love. Year after year, I saw him again. Each meeting a bit more passionate and each time he stayed a bit longer. But he never stayed longer than an hour. I even started getting dolled up for him. I would do my hair and makeup and pick out new pieces of lingerie.

I must sound like a lunatic. I’m dating the ghost of him. But the last time, something different occurred. It was the first time I could hear his voice again. I remember his haunting words, “Next time, you will be mine forever again.”

I sit at my vanity. It’s almost time. Adorned in a white lace teddy. It’s the color of innocence for the only man to have ever marked me. Bright red lips and silky long black hair against my pale white skin.

5:53pm, he’s right on time.

Ryland sweeps my hair to the side and his lips caress the left side of my neck. I let out a long breath that I had been holding in relief that he’s here again. The coolness of his breath tickles my skin as he whispers to me, “Cassidy, tonight, I will make you mine again.”

I turn to him. His face as handsome as ever. It’s that messy brown hair and scruffy face that I’ve missed so much. I look him in the eye full of love and bewilderment. “Oh Ryland, I’ve never stopped being yours.”

He scooped me up bridal style and tossed me onto the bed we once shared. This is new. We haven’t had sex in ten years. Ryland towers over me. It’s dark now so I can only see his silhouette. His broad shoulders and muscular frame.

I feel his weight shift the bed. His fingers trace the lace against my skin. He peels off the straps from my shoulders and slowly removes the teddy from my body. Naked for the ghost of the man I’ve always loved.

His body hovers over mine. He’s hungry for me. He kisses my lips like it will be our last. His lips begin to trail down my body. Moans escaping my mouth along the way. It feels so good to be touched again.

His lips stop between my legs. His tongue laps up my cunt. “Oh Ryland! Oh! God, how I missed this. How I’ve missed you!” My back arches as I let out a scream. A ghost has just given me an orgasm. The most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

Ryland flips me on my stomach. He continues to hover over me. His face close to my ear as he whispers again, “Baby, I never said you could cum.”

I hear Ryland rustling with his clothes. Then I hear him handling his belt. A moment later, heat pools through me as the belt meets the flesh of my ass. Ryland was never this rough before, but I’m rather aroused.

“More, Sir. Please can I have more!”

“Oh baby, you like that? I knew you would.”

Five more lashes with the belt before Ryland is on top of me again. He breathes in my hair. It’s the scent he has always liked. Lavender with a hint of honey. His hands are roam the flesh on my back. It leaves a chill down my spine. To feel so much for ghost…I must be insane.

He kisses the lash marks left on my ass. A moment later, Ryland flips me over again. Flat on my back in awe of what is happening. I have no time to react before Ryland plunges his cock deep inside of me.

I gasp as if I’ve been awakened for the first time in a decade. His hand cradles my the right side of my face as his eyes stare deeply into mine. These are the eyes of a man who’s loved me even if for only one night a year.

His pace picks up. My hips buck up and down in sync with his. We move as one. We are one. I am his and he is mine. The intensity of the moment is one of a kind. The ghost of my once upon a time fiancé is making love to me again. Heat pools between my legs as I feel him pulsate inside of me.

Ryland holds my face in his hands. “Cum for me. Cum for me, Cass!” Entranced by the pleasure, I cum on command. My walls convulse around his cock as an immense orgasm ruptured through me. Ryland follows shortly after leaving me breathless.

I peer my head toward the clock. It’s now 7:18pm. I touch his face curiously. “Y-y-you’re still here?”

A smile forms on his lips. His eyes beaming at me. “Cass, I told you that this time would be forever.”

“But but how? You’re a ghost.”

Ryland chuckles. “No, not a ghost. Baby, do you trust me?”


“Will you be mine forever?”

“Yes, for an eternity.”

“Even if it was painful? Or you couldn’t be you anymore?

“Anything to have you. I’ve never stopped loving you and I never will.”

With a swift motion, Ryland tells me he loves me just before he sinks his teeth into my neck. I can feel the blood trickle out of my neck. Paralyzed. “What’s happening?”

“Shhh…trust me, Cass.” My body convulses and it feels like it’s on fire. Ryland tries to soothe me until it’s complete. My mind awakens to the mysteries of the world. Suddenly, everything in crisp color. Every sensation made far more stimulating. Something has changed. I’m not human anymore. I panic.

“Ry! Ryland? What’s happening?”

Ryland cradles me in his arms. “You’re now like me. You’re my forever. My immortal bride.”

The End

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  1. Marie Rebelle says:

    mmm I love vampire stories. I thought he was a ghost until almost to the end. Very nice story 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. sass c. says:

      Haha thanks. I had the line, “My immortal bride,” before anything else. I told someone a couple weeks ago that the supernatural must be a kink because I’m addicted to supernatural stories that have an erotic element haha.

  2. DeviantSuccubus says:

    Oh my, this was very hot, and what a great turn of events at the end!

    1. sass c. says:

      Thank you for reading.

  3. LordRaven says:

    oh yes! the immortal love and bringing the love of forever to be with him. her reward for being faithful to him

    1. sass c. says:

      Perhaps it’s something we all long for…a love so deep that it’s eternal.

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