We Got Caught By His Ex

“All discarded lovers should be given a second chance, but with somebody else.” – Mae West

If you’ve been reading since the beginning, you’ve probably read about the craziness that goes on with lover and his life. You’ll know that he’s a dad. And you’ll know things aren’t always easy with him. Right before quarantine, we fought and I thought he was breaking up with me, but that wasn’t the case. We’ve been caught twice by his kid. And well, we got caught again, but not by his kid, but by his ex.


Lover and I don’t get to be with each other too often because he’s a dad and his kid is his first priority. When we don’t see each other, we have to text. It’s a bit harder to have steamy conversations over the phone or on FaceTime when there’s a kid around. Though, sometimes we do have a bit of naughty time over FaceTime. That’s how we got caught the second time haha.

Lover is not much a texter. In fact, he’s terrible at texting and it sucks because it makes me feel unwanted at times. But I know he still wants me or else he wouldn’t get a massive boner every time I walked into the room and he wouldn’t be so eager to tell me what’s been going on when we do get to talk on the phone.

So my texts and his one word answers have to be enough for me. Some of my more steamy texts are about the amazing things his tongue does to me or about being naked together. Sometimes, they’re a bit tamer, but there’s still a lot of sexual tension hidden in them.


Lover is completely over his ex. He’s been over her since before the ink even dried on the divorce papers. He didn’t step out on her though. He’s too sweet to do something like.

But he has a kid with her so she’s still in the picture. Sometimes, I get a bit jealous when he’ll spend time with her, but he always reassures me that he doesn’t want to be there. He can’t stand being in the same room as her, but he does it to make his kid happy. And I’m the only girl that he’s intimate with.


Lover saw the ex last weekend and was showing her something on his phone. While she was looking at his phone, I happened to text him. It wasn’t a vanilla, “How’s your day going?” or “What are you up to?” No, it was a bit more sexual. I didn’t talk about sex, but I did say, “Missing you, sexy. 😘”

She read the text out loud and he was like, “Oh shit.” He couldn’t tell if she was jealous, but he couldn’t care less if she was. He’s over her and he’s with me now.

She now knows that he’s got a girl. Though, I’m sure she must’ve known. I’m sure his kid told her about me when got caught in bed the first time.

She may be his ex wife, but I’m his second chance…his someone else.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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  1. I like this: “She may be his ex wife, but I’m his second chance”
    That’s so true, and everyone should always get a second chance 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Yes…though, I’m known to give a third, fourth, a twentieth chance haha. I try not to let someone’s past cloud the good I see in them.

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