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The Quarantine (Part 6)

Startled, I cling on to Sir tightly and try to hide. Sir look toward the front door and sees it’s Mr. Lutz with the double mint twins glued to his sides. 

Sir gets up and I tumble onto the floor. “Ah, Steven, my friend. I thought you were away in Vegas again.”

I get up and hide my body behind Sir. Still naked and feeling very uncomfortable. 

“Yes! I was in Vegas, but with the quarantine, I decided to take the chopper to an airstrip not too far from here.”

Sir grabs me from behind him and holds me in front of him. I try to cover up my body, but Sir isn’t having it. He whispers in my air, “Don’t cover up that body of yours. Mr. Lutz has seen you naked more than once. And he’s fucked you like a dirty slut before.”

Sir grabs my arms and holds them behind my back so my body is now on full display for Mr. Lutz and the double mint twins. They’re two desperate girls. The whole time they’ve been standing there, they’ve been trying to hump him like a dog in heat. 

Mr. Lutz looks me up and down and girls grab onto him tighter. “I see you still have your Japanese porn slut. Maybe you’ll let me borrow her so she can play with these two.”

I can feel Sir’s arousal almost instantly. Sir has always loved watching me with other girls. He knows it makes me uncomfortable and embarrassed which makes him love it even more. 

“Possibly, but I will need to be there to supervise.”

“Of course, let me show you something. Girls, why don’t introduce yourself to Mr. Smith’s little slut and to know each other a bit better until we get back.”

Sir let’s go of my arms and I turn to face him. I hug him tightly. “Daddy, please don’t leave me here.” 

Sir kisses my head and rubs my back. “You know I will come back.”

“But I want to go with you.” I cling to him even tighter. 

“You can’t come with me. Now, please be a good girl and when I come back we’ll head up to bed and I’ll have you all to myself.”

“You promise?”

“Yes, my little slut. Now, please let go.”

I reluctantly let go of Sir and watch as he walks away toward the basement with Mr. Lutz. 

The double mint twins walk up to me. Evil twin number one opens her mouth first. “What a little cry baby! Grow up.”

Evil twin number two chimes in. “Yeah and stay away from my man.”

The two girls start arguing. 

“No, he’s my man.”

“No, he’s mine.”


“No, mine!”

I mumble under my breath. “Oh gosh, this is going to be a long night.” 

I guess I shouldn’t have opened my mouth because it looks like the evil twins are about to rush me. Sure enough, they’re running toward me. They push me up against a wall. One of the girls makes a fist and has it up against my cunt. It seems as though she’s going to fist me. The other girl is about ready to punch me in the face.  “You better learn your place, you piece of trash.”

Sir and Mr. Lutz had walked back in just in time to hear what evil twin number one said. Mr. Lutz’s jaw had dropped open at what he just witnessed. Sir doesn’t look too happy either.

“Get off of my girl!”

Evil twin number two turns to Sir. “Why should we listen to you? You’re not the boss of us.”

Mr. Lutz approaches us. “But I am. Leave her alone.”

The girls hesitate and Mr. Lutz is now right in front of me. He whispers in both of the girls’ ears and they let go of me. They immediately strip out of their mint green dresses and drop to their knees. Mr. Lutz pushes one of their faces into my cunt. 

“Gia! Show her how sorry you are!” She starts licking and sucking my cunt. 

Mr. Lutz pulls her head away and pushes the other girl into my cunt. 

“Mia! Now, it’s your turn!”

He continues to alternate them until I squirt all over the place. Mr. Lutz then pulls them up and marches them toward the basement. 

Sir walks to me and cups my face. “I don’t remember giving you permission to squirt.”

I turn bright red and hug Sir. “I’m sorry Sir. I didn’t mean to.”

“I know you didn’t, but it’s time for bed and I remember telling you that I would be taking your ass.” 

Sir peels me off of him and grabs my hand. We start walking toward the bedroom. Sir stops and turns to me and kisses me. “By the way, happy 6 months!”

“Happy 6 Months, Sir!”

We continue walking toward the bedroom.

To be continued…





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  1. Bratty evil twins… sounds nice reading but i would hate that I would have to worry about Brats misbehaving. Bullies in anything is not cool…but it leaves an opening for the character to develop another side down the line maybe a switch as female Domme to women. Just an idea.

    1. Haha. I think many Doms get a bit annoyed with brats. Luckily, I’m a brat to everyone, but Sir.

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