Summer Writing Project

Running Into His Arms

Run to You by Plus One

Mrs Fever’s fourth prompt in the Summer Writing Project is ‘Run.’ I absolutely detest running. It’s like a form cruel punishment. Thankfully, Sir thinks walking is safer than running so he won’t make me run (hopefully).

My greatest memories of running don’t really have anything to do with the physical act of running.


The way lover and I started dating wasn’t through candlelit dinners or long romantic walks on the beach. I met lover on Tinder and we had normal conversations with each other before things got steamy. Can you believe one of the topics we talked about was history?

When I finally met him in person, it wasn’t in a public setting. I went over to his place. I was so unsure of going to see him. I was already with Sir at the time and really only wanted to have sex with Sir, but Sir wanted to meet someone to form a physical connection with. I had written all about my uncertainties. Things, I was afraid to say to Sir directly. How I wished it was Sir instead.

Sir had read my post about all my fears and said that due to the distance, he did not expect or require sexual exclusivity. So I reluctantly went to see lover. I had texted Sir where I was so if I didn’t respond later he could call the police. You can never be too careful.

Lover came out to meet me and when we saw each, we ran to each other and our lips locked. The moment I saw him, I wanted him and he wanted me. We ran back to his place and barely made it through the front door. Clothes were flying everywhere. There was a lot of sex over the span of six hours. Pretty sure that was more cardio than running a marathon. We didn’t say a word to each other for several hours. We had been so lost in each other’s bodies that no words needed to be said.

We’re still dating and now every time I see him, I run into his arms and he holds me close to him. I look up at him with glistening eyes. I feel safe with him. I feel comfort and I feel at home. He comes running when I’m in trouble. He comes running when I am scared.

Though, I was hesitant, I’m glad that Sir pushed me to run toward love that day.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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  1. Awww… That kind of running is so sweetly sexy; for it to be a mutual running-toward just makes it that much better. 🙂

    (I’m not a fan of running just for the sake of running either. As a form of exercise, it is definitely NOT my cuppa.)

    1. The only running for exercise I’ll do is Rebel Wilson’s style haha. HORIZONTAL RUNNING. 😭

  2. It sounds like you and Lover have a real nice connection with each other 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Definitely. I can only hope it blossoms into even more.

  3. What a lovely true tale. It is a wonderful thing we you find yourself lost in a lover’s body
    May x

    1. Yes, each time I see him, I get a little more lost in his body. I just saw him yesterday, but I miss him already.

  4. Oh the romance of it, and such a connection is really a blessing. Your Sir is looking out for all your needs and that is a wonderful connection too.

    1. Definitely. It’s rare to find someone that I connect with so deeply. It’s rare for me to even fall in love. So the fact that both were possible this time makes me think about having a lifetime love.

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