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The Quarantine (Part 5)

“But Sir, I didn’t take them out.”

“Yes. They fell out. Still, you need to learn how to keep things in.”

With the clamps still dangling from my cunt lips, Sir inserts a kegel weight into my cunt. Sir spanks my ass several more times and inserts a large plug into my ass. 

“Now, my naughty girl, give 15 jumping jacks.”

“With the clamps still on?”

“Yes, that’s your workout outfit.”

I pout at Sir and he just chuckles at me. 

I start doing jumping jacks and my boobs bounce up and down. The weighted clamps on my nipples flying around as well. My nipples are very sore. 

I finish with the jumping jacks and Sir walks around me to inspect my body. “Now, I want you to do 20 sit-ups .”

“Yes Sir.”

I get onto the ground and begin to do sit-ups. I find myself trying to clench my cunt walls together as doing sit-ups feels like my body is going to shoot the kegel weight out of me. 

“Now, I want you to do 30 squats. Don’t let the kegel or the plug fall out of you.”

While squatting, I have to clench my cunt and my ass because every time I squat down, it feels like both the kegel and plug will fall out.  

I get to 28 when I can feel the kegel slipping. I quickly do 29 and 30. I hope that’s all Sir makes me do because I don’t know if the kegel will stay in much longer. 

Sir walks toward me and takes the clamps off my nipples before licking and biting them. I whimper because they’re so sensitive. Sir reaches down and takes the clamps off my cunt lips. “My little slut is very wet.”

Sir pulls away to look at me. “Now, what do you want for dinner?”

I look down at the fly of his pants then back up to his face with my doe eyes. “Sausage?” I start giggling. 

Sir laughs. “My slutty little sub is such a silly girl. But you need to eat actual food.”

“How about something easy tonight like spaghetti?”

“Sounds good.”

“What about the kegel and the plug, Sir?”

“You will wear them until we go to bed tonight.”

“Yes Sir.”

I walk to the kitchen and look for all the pots and pans. The kitchen is huge. It’s not a little rustic kitchen like back at the cabin. It has all the newest gadgets. I’m mesmerized as I take everything in. 

I start cooking the pasta noodles and throw some ingredients to make the sauce in another pan. I take out some ground meat and make meatballs.  Sir comes up behind me and wraps his arm around me. His fingers start rolling my nipples between them. I lean back into him and he kisses and sucks on my neck. He bites my neck. Sir has just marked me. 

Sir spanks my ass just before I open the oven to put the meatballs in. As I am bent over with the oven open, Sir stares at my ass. I close the oven and Sir pulls me into him. He whispers in my ear, “I’m taking your ass tonight.” I shudder knowing that this isn’t a request, it’s a promise. 

I stir the sauce and noodles from time to time. While we wait for everything to cook, Sir touches various places of my body. He knows that I find his touch electrifying and it makes me want him that much more. 

The food is fully cooked and I dish some spaghetti and meatballs for Sir and myself. We eat our dinner at the island in the kitchen. We finish our food and I clean up the dishes. 

When I’ve finished cleaning up the kitchen, I walk back out to Sir. Sir pats his leg. “Come sit.” 

I sit on Sir’s lap and he holds me close to him. We talk about the day and how we were feeling. Sir rubs my back and I nuzzle my face into his chest. Sir kisses my head. “Come on. Let’s get ready for bed.”

We are about to get up and the front door flies open. “Surprise! I’m here!”

To be continued…





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