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The Quarantine (Part 4)

We get back to the car and Sir opens the trunk to put all the groceries in. I help Sir, but he tells me that he doesn’t want to me to grab the heavy things. I comply and grab the smaller things. 

We finish putting all the groceries into the car and Sir opens the passenger door for me to get in. I sit down and buckle the seat belt.

“Hold out your hands, palms up.”

I do as Sir asks. Sir grabs a rope from the back seat and ties my wrists together. Sir closes the passenger door and gets in on the driver’s side. 

“Sir, why did you tie my hands up?”

Sir pulls down my dress so my breasts are completely exposed. He smirks at me. “That’s why, slut. Now you can’t pull your dress back up so everyone we pass while driving back will get to see your tits.”

“But Sir…”

“No buts, or else your butt will be receiving a great deal of punishment.”

“Yes Sir.” I put my head down. 

Sir grabs my chin and tilts my face up so that I am looking at him. “And no pouting!”

“Yes Sir.”

Sir starts the car and pulls out of the parking lot. His right hand rests on my upper inner thigh right next to my cunt again. Sir really knows how to rile me up. 

I bite my lip thinking about all the things that Sir will do to me once when we get back to the lake house. “I can’t wait for Sir to fuck me when we get back.” I cover my mouth realizing that I actually said that out loud. 

Sir smirks before laughing hysterically. His hand squeezes my cunt and I shudder from his touch. “My little slut, so dirty and so desperate for my cock. You will have to earn it.”

As we are driving back to the house, several cars honk because my tits are out. I turn bright red each time and Sir squeezes my cunt even more as if that will reassure me. 

We get back to the house. Sir parks and comes around to the passenger side. He opens the door. “Take your dress off.”

“But we’re not inside yet.”

“Yes, I know little slut. Take your dress off now.”

I hesitate so Sir grabs the dress and yanks it off me. “Mm that’s better. When we’re not out in public, you are to be completely naked unless I say otherwise.”

“Yes Sir.”

Sir grabs several bags of groceries from the trunk, but leaves 10 loose items. “You will bring the rest in, but you can only take one item into the house at a time.”

I bet Sir wants to increase the chances of someone seeing me naked outside. 

“Hopefully, someone will drive by during one of your trips back to the car and see you naked. I know how humiliated you will be.” Sir chuckles. 

“Yes Sir.”

I bring one item in and go back to the car. When I’m outside, Sir stands by the front door so he can see me. I take another item inside and this time Sir tells me to bend over before going back to the car. Sir shoves two ice cubes into my ass and one into my cunt. “You can’t come back inside until these are fully melted.” 

I squirm from the uncomfortable sensation. 

“Don’t let them fall out or else you will be punished. And if you come back before they melt, you will be punished.”

I walk slowly in fear that the ice cubes will fall out. Sir laughs. Sir is amused with my discomfort. 

I grab an item and stand there for a minute before walking back. It should melt quickly when it’s inside of my body. Water is dripping out of my cunt and ass, running down my legs. “Looks like someone had an accident. Maybe you need to be potty trained.”

I pout at Sir. Sir shoves a finger into my cunt then another finger into my ass. “Hmm…there’s still some ice in your cunt and ass so both holes need to be punished.”

Sir grabs some menthol from the medicine cabinet and rubs some on my clit and some into my ass hole. There’s a cool burning sensation that makes me squeal. Sir gives me a mischievous look. “Now, go on. You still have more to bring inside.”

I walk back to the car and grab my fourth item. The sensation from menthol is causing me to rub my legs together each time I move. I bring the item into the house and go back to get another. This time a man is out jogging by the lake. He stops dead in his tracks and stared at me. I try to cover myself with my hands, but Sir yells from the front door. “Put your hands down! Let him see your slutty body.”

I put my hands down and the man’s jaw drops. I continue to grab the fifth item from the car while turning bright red that someone saw me naked. I walk back to the house and Sir was laughing at me. I bury my face into Sir’s chest. “Sir, that was so embarrassing.”

“But it brought me great pleasure to see that.”

Sir kisses my forehead and sends me back outside. I grab another item and bring it inside. This time Sir puts a pair of clamps on my cunt lips. The clamps have chains on it so it dangles from my body. I can feel the pull it has on my cunt. My cunt is starting to get really wet and slippery. 

I bring in the seventh item and Sir puts weighted clamps onto my nipples. Sir looks me up and down. “Mm what a nice outfit you’ve got on there. What’s this look called? The slutty slave?”

I pout at Sir, but Sir knows that I secretly enjoy being humiliated by him. Sir gives me a smack on the ass. “There’s still more for you to bring inside.”

I go to the car and come back with another item. This time Sir has ben wa balls and puts those into my cunt. “Don’t let them fall out!”

I walk back to the car and grab another item. Thankfully, there’s only one more item after this so Sir can’t torture me for too much longer. My cunt is drenched from the balls moving inside of me. I bring the item in and Sir has a permanent marker in his hand. Sir bends me over and writes “RAPE MEAT” on my ass cheeks. 

I go out to the car and as I am bending over to reach the last item that had rolled into the back on the trunk, I feel something probing my ass. I look back and see a woman in running shorts and a sports bra. She pushes my head back down and inserts her fingers into my ass. 

“Wha what do you think you are doing?”

“Your ass says rape meat so your ass should get raped.”

Is Sir not going to do anything about this? Or is Sir amused by this?

The woman continues to finger my ass until I cum. She pulls me up by the hair and walks me back to Sir. “Here’s your slut back.”

She holds up the balls. “She came and I think these fell out of her at the same time.”

Sir grabs me and the balls from her. “Thank you for returning my property.”

The woman waves us off and continues on her jog. Sir drags me over to a couch and bends me over. He spank my ass cheeks several times. “You came and took out the balls without my permission. That deserves punishment.”

“I have the perfect punishment waiting for you, little slut.”

To be continued…





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