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I Could Live Without Kink, But Not Without You

The past five months with Sir and the past four months with my lover has made me realize something. I never thought I could live without the kinky sex. I like being restrained. I like being blindfolded. I like rough sex.

I’ve been without all of those things and I’m okay with that. I guess I could give up kink if it came down to love, but I couldn’t give up Sir. Sir has seen me naked, but we have not had sex. I guess the physical act is just not as important as the emotional aspect.

It’s not about the kinks, but the person. If the lover and I were to become more serious, I’d still need Sir in my life whether it be as my Dom, my friend, my pen pal…it’s not as a big of deal. The way in which Sir and I have connected is unlike any other. I find it hard to emotionally connect like that with anyone. I have issues with trusting others so what I have with Sir is very special. I will always need him in my life in some capacity.

If I had to choose between the lover and kinky sex, I’d choose the lover because well I’m falling for him. I could live without the kinky sex, but losing the warmth of his embrace is something I couldn’t face.

While it’d be an amazing fantasy come true to be fucked by Sir, I’m also happy knowing that I get to talk to him each day.

I’ve learned that having the right person is like hitting the jackpot and the kinks are just a bonus.

Yours Truly,

The Sassy Sub Daily

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