Lust, Love, Longing

She’s done it again! The brilliant and talented Zavi James is on a roll. Last week, I finished reading her story, Homecoming, and over the weekend, I caught up on the sequel, Resurrection.

If you’ve been here since the beginning, you will know that I’m a such a big fan of Zavi and she’s a cool girl to talk to. Her stories always have me unable to put my phone down because I’m so drawn in.

So let’s talk about Homecoming.

Homecoming is about werewolves. Kinsey is the main character and she has no clue that she is a wolf at the beginning. She runs away from home and finds herself at a bar run by wolves. They smell that she is a wolf so they pretty much kidnap her. It’s back at the pack house when she meets the Alpha, Harrison. They hate each other at first, but also have a longing to be near each other.

Kinsey and Harrison are mates. This means that they were pretty much created for one another. They become your life. I guess in real life, we can equate that to a soulmate. The mate of an Alpha is a Luna.

Why do I write about this story? Well, I seemed to have correlated it with a D/s relationship.

When I think of the Alpha, I think about a Dom. When I like about the Luna, I think about a sub. When you put the right ones together, you get this unbelievable match. They lust and long for each other. As mates, wolves want to love and protect each other. It’s like a Dom wanting to protect their sub.

For the most part, I thought about Sir. With mates, there’s an intensity and I think there is an intensity with Sir as well. Sir is like my perfect match. Sometimes, I feel like I was made to be his sub. It’s why nothing worked with other Doms and everything seems to click with Sir. It’s why I’ve never really been able to submit to anyone else and why I can easily submit to Sir. He’s the perfect Dom for me. So maybe it’s the like D/s version of mates haha.

Sir is also very dominant and reminds me that of an Alpha. I will bow at Sir’s feet.

Even in Zavi’s supernatural story, I can somehow relate to it. The feelings of lust, love, and longing are conveyed so well in her writing and it makes me ache with need.

Yours Truly,

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