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The Quarantine (Part 3)

Just a couple lights away from the market and Sir grabs my cunt. My legs spread wider for him. Sir has this mischievous look on his face. He’s up to something. He’s scheming. 

Sir doesn’t finger me or play with my clit. His hand is simply resting on my cunt. I’m aching and dripping with need for him. I whimper as a plea. Sir knows that I am always horny for him. 

“Please Sir.”

“Please what?”

“Please Sir. I need you.”

“You need me to what?”

“I need you inside me. You’re torturing me.”

Sir snickers at me. His hand continues to rest on my cunt as he drives toward the store. 

“Well your slutty little cunt belongs to me and I don’t think it’s ready for my cock.”

I pout at Sir. 

“Don’t give me that face. If you act like a brat, I will have no choice, but to punish you.”

Curious about what this punishment could possibly be, I push him a bit. I turn to face Sir and bite my bottom lip. I try to buck my hips up a little bit so I can feel Sir’s hand push into my cunt more. 

Sir pulls into the parking lot. He parks swiftly and turns off the ignition. He gets out of the car without a single word. I try to open the door, but I guess he put the child lock on. He opens my door and makes me get out of the car. Still in silence, he bends me over the hood of the car, lifts my dress so my ass is fully exposed and spanks me multiple times. I squeal from the sting of his hand hitting my sensitive flesh. 

My ass is bright red and spectators have stopped to watch. Seeing how many people saw my bare ass makes my face turn the same shade of red as my ass. 

Sir pulls me back up and fixes my dress. He pulls me into his side and wraps his arm around my waist. He kisses my right temple and whispers in my ear. “Now, please be a good girl for me.” 

I look up at Sir and give him my signature smile. With a cutesy voice, I tell him, “Of course….DADDY.”

Sir cringes a bit. It’s not part of our normal dynamic, but he knows the use of “Daddy” means that I am in need of a bit more attention than usual. Sir kisses my forehead and holds me tightly. 

We walk into the store together.  Some people glance over as they saw the whole ordeal in the parking lot. I get a lot of winks and smirks from the men in the store. The women in the store…well, they’re a whole other story. It’s like they’re shooting daggers through my soul with those icy looks. I guess seeing my bare ass got their husbands a little too excited. 

We walk through the produce section. I notice a pattern. Sir has picked out bananas, cucumbers, carrots, and ginger. They’re all things that he could potentially stuff into one of my holes. “Daddy?”

He turns to me. “Hmmm?”

“Are you going to cook with those?”

“Maybe. Maybe not.”

Sir starts looking at the cantaloupes. He hands me one. “Here hold this one.”

Sir grabs another and gives it to me. I am now holding two cantaloupes and Sir starts laughing. “Haha. Nice melons!”

Sir makes me walk around the market holding the melons in front of my breasts. Every now and then, someone in the market snickers at me. 

Sir decides to take me down the aisle that just so happens to have condoms and douches. Sir let’s me put the cantaloupes into the basket so I know he’s up to something else. 

Sir grabs the magnum condoms from the shelf. He holds them until someone is about to walk down the aisle. Sir drops them onto the floor. “Little slut, bend over and pick those up.”

I bend over to pick them up and a couple walks down the aisle. My ass and cunt are fully exposed for them to see. I come back up with the magnums in my hand just as they are walking by me. The man’s eyes light up seeing what I was holding. I turn bright red. Now he knows that I am a slut. He not only saw me holding condoms, but he also saw my red ass and my cunt. 

Sir chuckles and gives my ass a pat. He pulls me into him and kisses my forehead. “Your cunt is looking really juicy. Now, they know that you are a slut and just how desperate you are for my cock.”

“Daddy!” I look up at Sir and pout at him. 

“Now now little slut, you don’t want to be punished for being a brat again, do you?” 

I shake my head and then bury my head into Sir’s chest to hide in embarrassment. Sir just chuckles and kisses my head some more. 

“Come on, let’s go. We need to buy some meat and then pay for the groceries.”

Sir holds the basket in one hand and holds my hand with the other. 

Sir picks out the meat that he wants. He holds up a pack of sausages. “You like sucking on these. Don’t you?”

I look down toward the fly of his pants. “I like one sausage in particular.” I start giggling. 

“Silly girl. Let’s go.”

Sir pays for the food and we go back to the car to head back to the lake house. 

To be continued…





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