My Vanilla Lover

I spent time with my lover yesterday. When I am with him, I never want the moment to end. We could be cuddling on the couch, lying in bed, eating food, watching TV, or having our sexy time, I just like being with him.

I know I’m a bit insecure, but being with him takes those insecurities away. I tend to have insecurities about my body and sometimes I get scared that my lover will end up leaving me for someone better. Then I walk into the door and he pulls me in to kiss me and he gets hard on the spot. I can feel him through his pants so he must find me sexy.

He had a video conference so I had to wait a bit. I was sitting on the floor and he was sitting on the couch. He reached down my shirt to play with my boobs. No one could see anything more than his face so I started to rub his cock through his pants. As soon as the video conference was over, I was straddling him on the couch making out with him.

He had me out of my shirt and bra in no time. He took off his pants and I got to suck his cock like I had been so desperate to do for a while now. I gagged on him and his cock hit the back of my throat.

He took my pants and thong off of me and removed his own shirt. We were both completely naked. He was more aggressive this time. The sex was glorious as he pounded into me harder than he ever had before. Moaning and breathing hard, he came inside me like he always does. I could feel his cum dripping out of me while he was still inside me. It was amazing.

We had our naked cuddles in bed. I love when he cuddles with me. I could stay like that forever. I feel loved and at home in his arms.

He was talked about random things. I asked about his dating life in the past. He said that he had one girlfriend, but it had never gotten to the point that we were at. They weren’t intimate. There was another girl and he fooled around with her from time to time, but it was never serious.

I can say for a fact that we are very intimate. We are fluid bonded which he hasn’t done with girls in the past and I’ve never had a guy cum inside me purposely in the past. There have been incidents when the condom would break and the cum would end up inside me, but it’s never been like this before.

I wish we could take things to the next level. It’s pretty clear that neither of us are dating other people. Yes, I have my Dom, but I have never even had sex with Sir. He knows that I’m a sub, but he also knows that I haven’t been sleeping with anyone else. We’ve been together for four months as of a couple days ago. Even though he’s not into any kinks, I feel like he’s the one.

Yours Truly,

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