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Auntie Arousal

When I was younger, I couldn’t wear tampons. In fact, it seems like I can only wear them when I’m sexually active. If I go long spells without sex, it feels as though my cunt is too small to wear a tampon. Maybe that’s why I bleed when I have sex for the first time in a long time.

Girls say that you shouldn’t be able to feel a tampon because it’s inserted into the upper two thirds of the vagina which isn’t very sensitive. Maybe I’m an oddball because I can still feel it even when it’s shoved way up there. It’s not uncomfortable, but I can definitely feel it.

I might actually like the feeling. It sort of feels similar to having a finger, dildo, or even cock inside my cunt. Although, having a cock inside my cunt feels way more amazing…maybe because I’m naked and there is also a naked man attached to that cock.

I get more aroused when I wear a tampon. I feel more horny and often need to hump something to help satisfy that feeling.

From what I’ve researched, some girls have a more shallow cervix which means they’ll sometimes be more sensitive to feeling the tampon. I’ve also read that Tampax Pearl is a bit longer than other tampons so it could potentially be why I feel it. I’ve never really liked other tampons. Other brands are just not very comfortable to insert.

I’m sure Sir will have a good laugh at my issue. Oh yes, if you think it’s weird that I talk to him about my time of the month, then you can note that it’s normal conversation for us. I mean he does see me naked and he does tell me how to touch myself so it’s not all that strange.

So I will ask what he thinks about me feeling more aroused when I wear a tampon. Sir seems to know just about everything and if he doesn’t know, he’ll try to find an answer.

Maybe I should give the aunt a name. Maybe I’ll call her Auntie Arousal.

Yours Truly,

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