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The Quarantine (Part 2)

I wake up tucked into Sir’s side. He’s staring at me and stroking my back. I look up at Sir with bewildering eyes and kisses my forehead. I nuzzle my head back into Sir’s chest. I could stay like this forever. 

We stay like that for a bit as Sir let’s me fully wake up from our nap. Our legs are tangled together. Being with Sir feels like bliss. 

There’s pure silence as I lie naked with Sir. No words need to be said. Sir knows what is going through my head. 

He pushes me onto my back and props himself up on top of me. He kissed my forehead again. Sir bites each side of my neck, then bites each of my nipples. He trails kisses down my abdomen until he reaches my cunt. “How did you sleep with the vibrator and plug in? You must be soaking wet.”

“I want you, Sir.”

“You want me to what, slut?”

“I need you inside me, Sir.”

“Mm…not now. I’ll fuck you in the dungeon after dinner.”

Sir pulls out the vibrator from my cunt and it is covered with cum. He touches my cunt to see just how wet I am and likes that I am drenched. I start squirming as Sir begins flicking my clit. 

“Don’t move little slut!”

Sir’s head dives into my crotch and his tongue swipes through my slit. He sucks on my already swollen bud. My cunt is throbbing and I really want his cock inside me. I begin to whimper. Sir sucks harder knowing that it’s torture for me. Sir stops sucking and licking my cunt and smacks my cunt hard. 

Sir kisses my lips. “Lick your slut juices off my lips. I want you to taste yourself.”

I do as Sir commands. 

Sir flips me over and pulls my hips so my ass is in the air. He gives me several spanks. “How’s that ass feeling with the plug still in?”

“It’s a bit sore Sir.”

“Mm good.”

Sir pulls the plug out of my ass and I sigh with relief.

He goes to wash his hands and when he comes back he’s ready to go to the market. “Come on slut, let’s go!”

“I’m supposed to go to the market naked?”

“Although, I’d enjoy watching you walk through the market naked, I wouldn’t want you to get arrested.”

Sir looks through some of the outfits Mr. Lutz had collected for his playthings over the years. “Here! Wear this!”

It’s a thin white floral dress with spaghetti straps. I put the dress on and it has a deep cut so my cleavage seems to spill out a bit. It’s short, but flowy so if there’s a gust of wind, everyone will see my ass and cunt. My nipples can be seen through the dress quite easily. 

“Let’s see it slut.”

I twirl around for Sir so he can see me in the dress. 

“Now bend over.”

I bend over for Sir. He doesn’t saying anything so I think he’s thinking about what he’ll do to my ass

“Mm perfect.”

I follow Sir to the car and get into the passenger seat. When I sit down, the dress hikes up so my cunt is once again exposed. Sir gets into the driver’s seat and looks at me so see my cunt out. He smirks at me. 

Sir pulls out of the driveway and heads to the market while resting his hand next to my cunt again. He just loves to make me throb. 

To be continued…





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  1. I like where this going so far. You have a nice way of building up the suspense creating the tension. Also, your word selection is nice, the transitions are smooth.

  2. Thank you. I have what will happen this week in my head, but for the coming weeks, I think I’ll have to ask my Dom for help.

    1. I am just enjoying your creative mind and spirit. You should ask you Dom for help it gives you two the chance to pick one another brains.

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