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The Quarantine (Part 1)

Sir is driving back to my house and my cunt is rather wet because he left the vibrator and plug in me. It’s a good thing he has tinted windows because Sir didn’t let me put on any clothes before we left the cabin. I’m completely naked in the car. All I’m wearing is the collar that Sir put on me. 

Every so often, Sir’s hand moves to my upper thigh. My cunt starts to throb when his hand is there as if it’s anticipating Sir touching it. I love when Sir touches me. It sends an electrifying current through me. 

An hour into the drive, Sir breaks suddenly. I look up and see that the only road back into the city is completely blocked. Sir pulls into a gas station to see if he can find out why the road is blocked. 

Sir comes back to the car. “There’s pretty much a global quarantine. The city doesn’t want anyone in or out so we can’t get back in until they lift the quarantine.”

“Sir, are we going back to the cabin?”

“No, Mr. Lutz owns a vacation home in a town on the way back to the cabin. I’ll call him and ask if we can stay there. It’s closer to more civilization so we’ll have access to the local markets.”

Sir calls Mr. Lutz and gets permission to use his vacation home. Sir drives to the house and it’s a big glass house overlooking a lake. If anyone is around, they’ll be able to see right into the house…even if you’re in the shower. 

“How will we get in? Don’t we need a key?”

“Mr. Lutz gave me the code to the lockbox. We’ll have no problem getting in.”

Sir opens the door and we walk in. The house looks very modern. It’s a big contrast from the cabin. 

I stop and look around at how nice the place looks. Sir walks up behind me and wraps his arms around me. His hands cupping my breasts. 

“Now come slut. Let’s look at the bedrooms.”

We wander around the house, opening various doors to find the master bedroom. We walk downstairs into a basement area. This was the only part of the house that could not be seen from outdoors. There were three doors. One on the right, one on the left and one at the end of the hallway. 

Sir opens the door on the left first and it isjust a storage space for extra toilet paper, water, etc. Sir opens the door on the right next and it is a lavish bedroom. It is pretty dim and decorated with red and black. Sir notices silks hanging from each corner of the bed. 

“Haha. That Mr. Lutz…I see what you’re up to, you kinky bastard.”

We walk out of the room and Sir opens the door at the end of the hallway. There are whips, paddles, ropes, and other apparatuses. 

I look around in bewilderment. “What is this place?”

“Oh little slut…you will soon find out the uses of this room. But to let your mind wander a bit, it’s a sex dungeon and I will fuck you hard down here. But let’s go check out the rest of the house first.”

We walk around and find the master bedroom. It is huge and bathroom is extravagant. It even has a jacuzzi style tub. 

Sir lies on the bed and unzips his pants. Sir pulls out his cock. “It’s been a long day so far. My dirty little slut must be hungry for a snack and a bit thirsty. Come now. Suck it well and I’ll let you drink my cum.”

I get onto the bed and suck Sir cock until he explodes in my mouth. I swallow all of his cum. 

“Mm. Come here little slut.”

I move up the bed and snuggle against Sir. 

“Let’s take a nap then we’ll go to the market and buy groceries for the week.”

“Yes Sir.”

Sir pulls me in closer to him and we doze off. 

To be continued…





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  1. No, lets just forget that sex dungeon we walk passed for now…Hey cliff how is it hanging? I feel like i have to go back to one of your old post to find out Mr. Lutz first name. Thank you for the post.

    1. Haha well part 2 is now posted. The sex dungeon does not come into play yet.

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