He’s Afraid

Last night, the lover and I FaceTimed. It was the usual. Normally, he wants to see my cunt so he can jerk off. This time, we were both naked, but there was no masturbation. We just talked for over a half an hour.

He’s scared of my parents finding out about him. He’s closer to my parents age than to my age. He’s afraid of what they’ll do if they find out that when we’re together we spend most of the time naked and in bed.

My parents won’t know that we’re dating unless he asks me to be his girlfriend.

I wish he would have told me that from the start. I want to be with him and it wouldn’t matter what my parents think. As far as they know, I’m still a virgin.

I miss him every moment that we are apart.

Yours Truly,

The Sassy Sub Daily

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    1. My family is rather strict. I’m pretty sure they’d have a hissy fit if they found out I’ve been seeing someone nearly 20 years older than me haha.

      1. I’m still a kid in their eyes haha. At my age, I think it still it still matters a bit. And the fact that he already has a kid definitely will matter to them.

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