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It’s More Than Sex

While my fantasies with Sir have to do with sex and I do write about sex a lot, Sir and I have never actually had sex with each other. He’s seen my naked body and I’ve seen his yummy cock, but we’ve never had sex.

When we play, he tells me when, where and how to touch myself and I have to ask for permission to squirt. But our relationship is more than just that.

Yesterday, Sir was sending me memes. We talk about food, politics, random stupidity of people different people around the world, and many other things. We have normal conversations and we laugh a lot.

I think many vanillas probably think that D/s relationships are just kinky sex. I guess it may be that way some, but at the end of the day we’re just people. I think it’s easier to talk to your partner in a D/s relationship because more trust had to have been established so you’re more willing to share the deeper things. With most other people, conversations can be pretty shallow.

I think the bond between a Dom and sub is different. I feel like the bond is deeper and it’s not just because as a sub I’ve shown my body to my Dom many times. I think it’s because you not only surrender your body to your Dom, but also your mind and sometimes even your heart and soul.

I want to be his forever. I couldn’t imagine myself with any other Dom.

Yours Truly,

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i'm just your average girl with a dirty mind. young, asian and submissive...does that pique your interest? constantly in a battle with myself whether to stay confined by my cultural values or to break free like the freak i am.

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  1. Who are you telling?! The deep connection some people have with one another is beautiful. yet people are afraid to have that deep connection and then get mad about it when something is different and they want a deep connection with their partner. But they can’t because they are so closed minded. It is easier to talk to your partner after they have given you everything and even more in a session because there is nothing to hide.

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