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The Kidnapping (Part 10)

Sir drives up the road to a small diner. It looks pretty crowded, but I guess that was Sir’s intent. 

“Don’t get out of the car yet.”

Sir gets out and walks over to open my door. “Swing your legs out of the car, but stay seated. I want your legs spread open so I can see your cunt.”

I spread my legs out of the car and my cunt is fully exposed. Sir grabs a remote controlled vibrator and shoves it into my cunt. He pulls me out of the car then bends me over the hood. Sir pulls up my negligee so my ass is showing. 

Sir spanks me a few times and other people in the parking lot stop and stare. 

“I think I want you double stuffed.” Sir puts a plug in my ass then pulls my negligee back down. He tugs on the leash signaling that he wants me to follow. 

We walk into the diner and people turn and look at us. The hostess seats us in a booth. 

“Scoot in.”

“Oh I thought you were sitting across from me, Sir.”

“No, I want access to my slut.”

“Yes Sir.” I scoot into the booth and Sir sits next to me. Sir’s hand is resting on my upper thigh really close to my cunt. 

“Your cunt must be dripping for me, isn’t it slut?”

I nod my head. “Yes Sir”

Sir orders our food. His hand creeps even closer to my cunt. “I think you should cum twice before you eat any breakfast.” 

Sir turns on the vibrator without warning and I yelp. Other customers turn to look at me. Sir whispers in my ear that I need to be quiet then nibbles on my neck. “You are my dirty little Japanese slut.”

Sir fingers move onto my slit before circling my already aroused clit. “Mm Sir.” 

“Shhh! Be quiet slut!” Sir pinches my clit and I whimper.

I cum just as the beverages arrive. My face clearly looking like I’m in the middle of having an orgasm. The waiter smirks then walks away. 

Sir puts his fingers in my mouth. “Taste your own juices and suck my fingers clean.”

I suck on Sir’s fingers while looking up at him with doey eyes. Sir suddenly turns the vibrator onto the highest setting. I shudder from the sensation. 

The waiter brings out rolls and scones. Sir stuffs my mouth with one to gag me. Just before the meal arrives, I cum once again. 

Sir turns off the vibrator with a big smirk on his face. 

We eat our food then Sir pays the bill and we walk back to the car. I feel embarrassed that everyone can see my nipples, cunt and ass through the negligee. 

Sir drives back to the cabin and it’s almost time to leave. I’m about to take out the vibrator and plug, but Sir stops me. 

“No, keep them in. You will wear them until you are home.”

Sir rips the negligee off of me then pushes me onto the bed. He stares at my naked body before licking his lips. Sir pounces on top me. He starts tickling me and I giggle. 

“This body belongs to me. Your breasts, cunt, ass, they’re all mine. You are mine.”

Sir gets off of me then pulls me off of the bed. Sir pushes me down to my knees and tells me to close my eyes. I feel the collar and leash being taken off of me and replaced with something lighter. 

“Okay, open your eyes you dirty little cunt.”

I open my eyes and look down to see Sir put a necklace on me. 

“Wear this at all times. It symbolizes that you are mine.”

“Yes Sir.”

Sir just collared me. 

We clean up the cabin and get into the car. It’s time to go home. I’m pretty sad because I want to stay with Sir. 

We head back and I’m a bit teary eyed. Sir grabs my chin so I’m looking at him. 

“Why are you crying?”

“I, um, I just don’t want our time together to end.”

Sir pats my head. “Now, now, slut, remember that you are mine. We will be together again.”

I nod my head and Sir continues to drive toward my house. 

I guess this weekend is coming to an end.





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  1. That is so beautiful… I a sucker for a collaring ceremony. I think that is deeper then most marriages to be honest with you. The amount of trust and understanding for one another has to be there. I am glad it was very happy ending even with that hiccup with the sharing at the camp site. ( I am really talking about this like this actually happened) Man this amazing and I really hate that part of the ride is over. But you know what they say you plug one hole you still have two more holes to fill.

    1. Thank you. It ends in the car, but there’s another series coming. Do I ever make it home? What happens if I don’t make it home? What could possibly prevent me from getting home? Perhaps this quarantine from the virus running rampant. Hmm only time will tell.

  2. Don’t get me going I need a good detraction from time to time because school fucking blows.

    1. I think it would be fun if my Dom wrote part of the fantasy series so it’d show what he would do to me and really be from his perspective. But he’s so busy and I wouldn’t want to add anymore to his plate so I guess my perspective will have to do. Hopefully, I can keep thinking of newer ideas. Wouldn’t want it to be a repeat of everything just in a different location.

      1. He can float an idea or two just to jump start somethings. Have you asked? you won’t know until you ask.

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