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The Kidnapping (Part 9)

It’s morning and I wake up to see Sir looking at me. My head is buried into his chest and one of his arms holds me tightly to his side. Our legs are tangled together and we’re both naked. Sir kisses my forehead then smirks at me. I feel something stiff poking at me. I look down and I see Sir is very hard. I look back up and Sir has this mischievous grin. 

“Breakfast is served, my dirty little cunt. I know you want to taste it.”

I nod my head and then move down the bed. I’m staring at Sir’s cock. He pushes my head down and I open my mouth to take him in. Sir’s cock fills my mouth and I look up at his face. In response, Sir forces my head down further so that his cock is hitting the back of my throat. Sir starts groaning. 

Sir pushes me off of him then flips me onto my back and pins be down. He restrains my hands above my head and nudges my legs open. Sir plunges his cock into my cunt with force. He fucks me and bites on my nipples. He fucks me faster and harder. I’m moaning. My back arches and my neck is exposed. Sir bites my neck and leaves his mark. My breathing is becoming more shallow and rapid. 

“Don’t you dare cum yet, little slut.”

Sir continues to pound into my cunt. I can hear and feel his balls slapping against me. I can barely hold on anymore. I really want to cum. Then I feel Sir’s cock pulsate inside me and he releases his seed inside my cunt. 

“Cum now, slut.”

I follow after him and cum all over his cock. Sir collapses on top of me then lies there to rest and catch his breath. Once he’s caught his breath, Sir gets off of me then flips me over once more and starts spanking my ass. 

“You were such a dirty little slut this weekend.”

Sir continues to spank my ass until it’s bright red. Sir must be aroused again because I can feel his hard cock poking at my asshole. “Mm little slut, your ass is so fuckable.”

Sir grabs my ass and I wince because it stings from all of the spanks. He slicks his finger through my folds before continuing. “You’re soaking wet. I know my slut always wants my cock, but this time if you want it, I want you to beg me to fuck your ass.”

“Please Sir. Please fuck my ass.”

“That’s all you’ve got?”

“Please Sir. I need your cock. Please let me be your anal slut. I’ll do anything you want.”

In an instant, Sir thrusts his cock into my ass and I let out a scream. He is like a rabid animal going after his prey. He fucks my ass hard and shows me no mercy. One of his hands makes it way to my clit and he begins to play with it as he fucks me. His other hand grabs onto my hair and pulls me back. I feel like I’m going to cum. I’m moaning louder and louder then I feel Sir’s cock start to convulse. Sir cums inside my ass and I’m right there with him. I squirt on the bed. 

Sir pulls out and looks at me with that mischievous grin. 

“Now, bend over and spread your asscheeks. I want see the creampie.”

I bend over and spread my cheeks. Sir is behind me watching me. I feel warm liquid drip from my ass. 

“Mm little slut, that’s what I wanted to see. You can lie down on the bed again.”

I lie down and Sir joins me. Sir wraps his arms around me and kisses my neck. “You’re my slut. You’re all mine.”

Sir gets up and throws a sheer négligée at me. “You said you’d do anything I want…so put this on.”

I put it on and it barely covers my ass. It’s see through and everything is still pretty much exposed. 

“Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”

“To eat some breakfast.”

My stomach growls and Sir laughs. We walk to the kitchen, but Sir doesn’t stop there. “Why are you stopping slut? We have to drive to the diner nearby.”

Oh he wants me to go out like this. 

“I want everyone to see that you are my slut and a slut likes showing off her body.”

Sir puts a collar and leash on me then we get into the car. 

To be continued…





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