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Am I Changing

I think as a submissive, I’ve started changing. Or maybe it’s just my dynamic with Sir or the way in which I see him.

Lately, when I address him, I’ve been wanting to say “Daddy” instead of “Sir.” It’s never been like this before. In fact, I had a bit of an aversion to calling men “Daddy.” When a guy used to tell me to call him, “Daddy,” I would make a face and think to myself, “Oh hell no!”

Maybe it’s different with my Dom because I’ve been with my Dom for a few months and I really trust him. Or maybe it’s because he brings me a sense of comfort and security.

While, I still have that lustful desire for him and I enjoy the humiliation, degradation and rough play, when I wake up in the morning, I wish I was cuddling with him. I don’t know if I’d call myself a “little”. I’m a submissive with a unique set of needs. I’m a bit different than other submissives and am a bit of a mix of this and that.

I’m not sure how my Dom will respond to this new development. I messaged him earlier to tell him. It’s not an all the time thing. I think it’s more of something I’m urged to say in the morning when I’m cuddling with a blanket or pillow wishing it was really him. Hopefully, he’ll still want me knowing this. It’s never been a part of our dynamic before so I don’t know if this will change how he plays with me.

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