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When I Dream

Lately, I’ve been having some pretty vivid dreams. Each time I have one of these dreams, I tell Sir if I remember them. He normally tells me why he thinks I had each of the dreams.

Last night, I remember having four dreams, but I can only remember three of them. One involved firefighters, another involving police, and another involving my virgin best friend.

Sir is busy right now, but I’ve already sent him my dreams. I think he finds them amusing. I wonder what he’ll say about them. If he does say anything about them, his analysis may just be in my blog post tomorrow.

Sir had sent me an article that explained why many people are having vivid dreams during quarantine. Apparently, our sleep cycles are all off so the REM phase of sleep has also changed. REM is when we tend to have those more vivid dreams. I guess with nowhere to be, we sleep longer so maybe that’s why we dream more.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to talk to Sir today. When his name lights up my screen, a big smile forms on my face.

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