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The Kidnapping (Part 8)

Sir beckons me closer to him. I’m standing directly in front of him. Sir looks me up and down and begins to fondle my breasts. He squeezes them hard and pinches my nipples. 

“Mm slut, who do these belong to?”

“You Sir.”

Sir bites my nipples as he grabs my cunt. “And who does this cunt belong to?”

“You Sir.”

Sir pushes me onto the bed. I’m flat on my back and he’s pinning me down. Sir’s face is just an inch away from mine. I can feel his breath on my skin. “And who you do belong to?” Sir asks which such a low voice. 

“You…Sir. I belong to you.”

“Mm very good.”

Sir gets off of me. “Now spread your legs as wide as you can.”

I spread my legs for Sir. Sir examines my cunt. “Mm my cunt is looking very wet.” Sir takes a few photos of me. 

“Now stand up again.” I do as Sir asks me. 

Sir has me turn so my back is toward him. Sir has a rope folded in half. He puts the rope under my breasts the and pulls it through the tool on my back. He weaves the rope over and under the rope on my back and pulls it over my shoulder. He again pulls the rope over and under the rope just beneath my breasts and then brings the rope over my other shoulder. 

Sir continues to weave the rope around my breasts until he has them bound in a pentagon. He gives my nipples another bite before putting clamps on them. 

Sir takes more pictures of me. 

He then bends me over and pulls my arms behind my back. He begins binding my arms in a double column tie then he ties the rope to a bolt in the ceiling. 

Sir starts to touch my cunt. “Mm soaking wet for me. I think it’s about time these panties come off.” Sir pulls the thong off my hips and down my legs. My clit feeling overly sensitive from the knot that had been putting pressure on it for so long. Sir starts to flick at my clit and I gasp. 

Sir then places a spreader bar on my legs. Sir takes more pictures of me making sure that the butt plug is highlighted in the photos. “Mm my slutty masterpiece.”

Sir grabs the panties that he had me in and shoves them into my mouth. He strips out of his clothes and positions himself behind me. I can feel the tip of his cock along my cunt entrance. He’s already hard; tying me up must have been very arousing for him. 

Sir grabs my hips and thrusts his cock into my cunt. He continues to fuck my cunt until he cums inside me. “Mm you filthy little cumdump.”

Sir removes the gag and unties me. He pushes me onto the bed and has me flat on my stomach. Without warning he pulls the plug out of my ass. He grabs my hips so my ass is now in the air and he enters my ass. 

Gasping and moaning.  He fucks my ass relentlessly. “Ahh slut, this ass belongs to me.” Sir cums in my ass. 

Sir collapses on top of me and we stay like that for a while. He hasn’t removed his cock from my ass yet. Once Sir has rested a bit, he gets up and pulls me with him. He leads me to the shower and we get cleaned up. He pays extra attention to my cunt. Sir says my cunt is filthy so he needs to take his time with it. His fingers plunge into me and my face is buried into his chest. 

Sir tells me to wash his cock well. I begin to suds up his cock and jerk him off while doing so. The water has rinsed off the suds and Sir pushes me to my knees. “Now, use your mouth to clean it.” I suck on Sir’s cock until he cums in my mouth. “Swallow it!” I comply and swallow every last drop. 

Sir gets out of the shower and grabs the towels. He dries off then pulls me out of the shower and dries me off as well. 

We go back to the bedroom. We get into bed and pulls me into him. I nuzzle my face into his chest. Sir rubs my back and kisses my head. “You did good today.” I look up at him with a big smile. “Thank you Sir.” I go to sleep peacefully as I’m happiest when I’m close to Sir. I dream of what he might have planned for our last day in the cabin.

To be continued…





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  1. It is very imagery that you used to describe the event. It was well placed sand it was quite moving that he took the time to make sure that you were okay. Even if it is story the time to make sure that she gets rest shows how much he cares for her. Aftercare is huge and sometimes even in stories it is a point that is missed. So thank you.

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