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The Kidnapping (Part 7)

I walk to the kitchen still very naked. I can feel Sir watching me from behind. Maybe Sir will want to fuck my ass tonight. 

I look around the kitchen to see what ingredients there are. I pull out some chicken breasts, eggs, panko and different seasonings. I mix the panko with the seasoning and then dip the chicken into a scrambled egg mixture then into the panko. I make sure the chicken is fully coated with panko. There’s no deep fryer so I throw it onto a baking sheet and then into the oven at 375F for 50 minutes. While it’s cooking, I put on some rice and make a simple salad. And for dessert, I bake some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for Sir. I hope he likes everything.

I start to clean up the bowls and tools that I’m no longer using when Sir comes up behind me. He gives my ass a few spankings before he inserts a large butt plug into my ass. “You will wear that until we go to bed tonight.” I nod my head. “Yes Sir.”

The plug is uncomfortable so I begin to shift. Sir hold me in place. “Stand still and finish washing the dishes. I will tell you when you can move.”

“Yes Sir.”

Sir must have a smug look on his face knowing that this is torture. 

I finish washing the dishes and the food is now done. 

“Now you may move. Please bring my plate of food to me at the table.”

“Yes Sir.”

I plate the food and bring it to Sir. I then pour him some green tea. 

“It’s a baked version of chicken katsu, Sir. I hope it pleases you.”

Sir motions for me to get my food and sit at the table as well. Before I sit down, Sir holds up a thong with a knot tied in the crotch area. 

“Put these on before you sit. This will be the only time you’ll be wearing any clothing. I want the knot to sit on your clit. I want you really sensitive and soaking before you even finish your food so while you are eating, you will rock and back and forth in the chair so the knot rubs your clit.”

“Yes Sir.”

I put the thong on. “Now, come here. I want to make sure the knot is where it’s supposed to be.”

I walk over to Sir and he plays with the thong for a bit. He pulls the thong up while he has me spread my cunt lips so the knot is pressed firmly against my clit. Sir knows just how much I think the knot is torture. 

“Mm. Now before we eat, I want you to hump the arm of the recliner in the living room.”

I walk over to the living room and straddle the arm of the recliner and begin humping it. My clit is already very sensitive. I begin to whimper. “Sir, how long do I have to hump the recliner?”

“Until I tell you that you can stop.”

“Yes Sir.” I continue to hump the recliner for about 2 minutes when he tells me to stop. 

“Okay, you can stop. I don’t want the food to get cold.”

I hop off the recliner and walk back to the table with an unstable gait from all the sensations going on with my lady bits. 

I sit down at the table and begin to eat. I rock back and forth like Sir instructed me even though it’s tormenting my clit. Sir is eating yet watching me intently. 

Sir finishes his dinner and my clit is throbbing. I clear the plates and bring out the cookies. 

Sir looks at me. “No, none for you slut. Your dessert is my cock. You know it’s a treat when I let you suck my cock.”

I nod my head and get on my knees. Sir pulls out his cock and pushes my face into his cock while his foot is rubbing the knot against my clit. He pushes my head down further until I sound like I’m going to gag. Sir is making soft grunts from the pleasure of hitting the back of my throat. 

Sir cums in my mouth. “Swallow it, my dirty Japanese slut. Swallow every drop. Show me how much you liked your dessert.”

I swallow his cum then lick his cock to clean him up. 

I wash the rest of the dishes and my clit is throbbing and my ass is still feeling uncomfortable.

Sir calls me into the bedroom. 

I walk to the bedroom and he tells me to stand at the foot of the bed. He has several bunches of rope. I wonder what he’s going to do now.

To be continued….





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  1. Make you into a masterpiece. I am so out of practice right now with everything going on. I wondering should I order a manikin? No, I no were to store it when I do have people over I don’t need people asking about all the dark things I can do. Plus some friends are’t as understanding.(Sorry for the ramble.)

    But I am glad you are writing still and keeping busy which is hard to do and i hope that all is well and it is going to be well soon.

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