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I Still Get Jealous…

Sir played with me and now I’ve been up all night.

Sir wanted me to imagine a scene. I was jealous about the scene because in it a friend of mine basically gets fucked by him while I’m there watching. Sir asked how I felt about having to watch that. I told him I was a bit jealous because I want to be the one he uses instead.

Sir is not really a jealous person, but I’m a girl so I think that naturally makes me somewhat jealous haha. I like being his only sub and I don’t like to share. I crave his attention and I think if I don’t get it right away, I become even sluttier for him.

I think it’s somewhat due to being attracted to Sir and having that emotional connection with him. When I see/picture him with someone else, it feels like he could easily replace me. But when it comes to him, Sir is the only Dom for me. It feels like he’s my perfect match so I don’t want someone else threatening to shorten the span of this relationship.

If I have to watch Sir fuck another girl, I’d get extremely jealous because he’s MY Dom.

Yours Truly,

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