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The Kidnapping (Part 6)

There’s no place I’d rather be. With Sir, I am truly happy. 

His right hand wanders down my body. His fingers tracing patterns along my naked skin leaving goosebumps. Sir’s hand stops right above my cunt.

“Open your legs, slut.”

I open my legs a bit wider to give Sir access to my cunt. His fingers begin to play with my cunt lips. He massages my outer lips. My body starts to quiver in anticipation. 

“Please Sir.”

“Please what?”

“Please touch me. I need you Sir.”

In one swift motion, Sir’s fingers were grazing my clit. I throw my head backward and I’m now resting my head in the crook of Sir’s neck. Water splashing as Sir continues to play with my clit. 

I let out a soft moan. Turning my face a bit so it is now buried into Sir’s skin. 

Sir’s fingers continue to wander south until the plunge into me. I cry out as he hits my sweet spot. 

Sir’s teeth graze my shoulder. It makes me buck my hips to match his fingers’ thrusts. Sir is sending me into overdrive and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to last. 

“Don’t you dare cum while we’re still in the tub, little slut.”

I whimper because I don’t know if I’ll be able to obey that command. Sir removes his fingers and I begin to pout. It feels torturous when he’s not touching me. 

Sir gives my back a push and gets up. He pulls me to my feet. He grabs a towel and dries off. I look down and I think Sir might fuck me tonight. Sir wraps a towel around me then leads me to the bedroom. 

He pulls the towel off of me and discards it on the floor. Sir looks my body up and down. I stand there not knowing what he wants me to do. 

“Get on the bed, you dirty slut.”

I comply and lie on the bed. Sir grabs restraints and binds my four limbs to different corners of the bed. I’m spread eagle and Sir is inspecting my cunt. 

“Mm, my little cunt is soaking wet for me.”

Sir’s cock is erect. I’m finally getting to see Sir completely naked. I lick my lips because Sir is very yummy. 

Sir gets onto the bed and grabs my face. He turns my head a bit then plunges his cock into my mouth. He fucks my mouth vigorously. He’s grunting and moaning as his cock thrusts deeper and deeper. Sir seems to get more aroused when it sounds like I’m about to gag. 

Sir cums in my mouth and tells me to swallow. My cunt is dripping from the arousal. I really want Sir to fuck me. 

Sir rests there for a bit.

Sir is ready again and slicks his fingers through my folds. “Mm still soaking wet for me.”

“Please fuck me Sir. Please Sir please.”

Sir chuckles. “Yes, a true slut. Begging to be fucked.”

Sir smacks my cunt and slicks his fingers through my folds again. He continues to do this knowing that I really want to feel his cock inside me. He’s drawing it out. He’s torturing me. 

“Please Sir. Please. I need you.”

Sir chuckles again. He pinches and twists my nipples before he bites them. 

Sir lines his cock up with my entrance, but does not thrust into me. Instead, he’s leaving bite marks all over me. On my neck, my breasts, my stomach. 

I feel like he’s just going to tease me tonight. 

Without warning, Sir plunged into me causing me to gasp. Sir is big and he fills me up. 

In and out. Harder and faster. Panting and moaning. Sir is fucking me. 

I can feel an orgasm building up and it seems like Sir is about to cum as well. 

“Don’t cum until I tell you to, slut.”

I try to nod my head, but it’s no use and I’m too busy moaning and screaming. 

“Now! Come now, slut!”

On cue, I’m cum for Sir as he cums inside me. His hot seed fills me up and he collapses onto me. 

After a few minutes, Sir unties the restraints.

“Are you hungry, slut? You haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

I nod my head as I am famished. 

“Hmm okay. Cook whatever you like for dinner tonight.”

I nod my head and smile. “Yes Sir.” Serving Sir is my greatest delight. 

To be continued…





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