Honestly, I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. It’s been harder for me to write. Even with the stay at home order, I have to work. My position is exempt. It seems as though there’s even more work to be done now. People are supposed be at home so they have more time to bug the crap out of me.

There’s only one of me. I’m wearing multiple hats at the moment. With just my career, I feel like I’m doing the work of 5 people at the moment. There are days when I do get to telecommute which saves me time from having to actually drive, but when I work from home, I work even longer hours. A couple days ago, I worked over 12 hours. When I work in the office, I go home and work even more.

Plus, I’m a writer. I’ve neglected my novel. I know I have anxious fans waiting for what’s next, but I honestly don’t know. I haven’t been able to think. I haven’t been able to create. Even my poetry has been put on hold.

No matter the crisis, my position will thrive because what I do is so specialized.

Amongst the stress, my only saving grace is my Dom. Talking about random things calms me down. My Dom just calms me down. Last night, I told him that I was grateful for him. It really is true. I don’t know where I’d be if he wasn’t around.

Yours Truly,

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