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The Kidnapping (Part 5)

*Warning: This portion of the fantasy contains sexual assault. If you ever find yourself in a situation dealing with sexual assault, abuse, or rape, please do not be afraid to alert the authorities.

Sir puts his clothes back on and then puts on a pair of shoes.

“Sir, are you going outside?”

“Yes, you dirty cunt, and so are you.”

“But, but, I’m naked Sir.”

“Yes, we’ve already established this.”

I turn bright red. Sir is making me walk outside completely naked. Sir opens the front door and I stop dead in my tracks. I guess he was actually serious about this. 

Sir grabs his backpack and tugs on my leash. “Come, little slut. Be a good girl for me.” I walk toward him with my head down. This is going to be very humiliating. 

“Oh, one more thing.” He opens the backpack and grabs a bit of rope. Sir grabs my arms and puts them behind my back before he restrains me. “I have to ensure that you don’t cover up. I want the world to know that you are my slut.”

“But Sir, what if this gets me in trouble?”

“Relax little slut. We’re in the woods, no one cares out here.”

We walk a little further. The cabin is no longer in sight. We come across a group of guys in their 20s. They look me up and down and pull out their phones. Sir sees what they’re going to do; surely, he’ll stop them from taking any pictures of me. 

“Hey! If you boys are going to take pictures of my property, you need to pay up. $5 for every picture you take.”

$5? That’s it? Wait, what am I saying? I thought Sir would have told them no.

“And if you’d like to request a certain pose, it’s $10 a picture.”

Each guy fumbles through their pockets. They hand him $200.

“We’d like 20 different poses.” A sandy blonde boy says. He must be the leader of their little clique. 

“Okay, but only one of you can take the pictures. It’s $10 per picture so if all of you take a picture of the same pose, that’s already $60.”

Their mouths drop and they discuss amongst themselves. A guy with light brown hair, green eyes, and a scruffy face speaks a little too loudly. “It’s okay! I’ll take all the pictures and send them to you.”

I pout. This is not going to be very fun. 

The blonde boy starts talking again. “The first pose will be of you sucking my cock.”

Sir doesn’t look to pleased. “No! No touching! That was not the agreement!”

The blonde boy must really want to test Sir’s nerves. “All 6 of us wants our cocks sucked and want a photo as evidence.”

“No! My slut is not that cheap! If each of you want your cocks sucked by her, then come up with an additional $400. It’s $100 for each of you to have 2 minutes with her mouth.”

The boys start scrambling around. “We only have $100 more.”

“Then your time is reduced to 1 minute each.”

The blonde boy looks irritated. “Fine!” They handed the $100 to Sir. The blonde boy unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock first. “Come here slut! Suck daddy’s cock!” 

“Do not talk to her like that. She is my slut and you are not her daddy, you imbecile!”

Sir whispers in my ear. “Do not swallow any of their cum. That is what you do with my cum only.” I nod my head to indicate that I understand. “And I will tug on the leash when time is up.” I once again nod my head. 

I crawl over to the blonde boy and put his cock in my mouth. Sir turns the guy with light brown hair. “Remember only one photo with each of you!”

The guy does not comply and takes a video instead. Sir sees what he did and is furious. “A one minute video? That’s all you get! The rest of you can wank out the erections your tiny penises have.”

The blonde boy pushes me on the ground and pins me down. “I think I’ll take your cunt now!” I can’t fight him off because my hands are bound. I cry for Sir. The blonde boy has one of breasts in his mouth. “Please get off of me!” I can’t feel the tip of his cock at my entrance. I try to kick him off but it’s no use. 

Sir sees what’s going on and he rushes over to push the boy off of me. “This is sexual assault! Touch her again and I’ll end all of you!”

I cry into Sir’s shoulder and he cradles me. “That’s enough for today. I’m taking you back to clean you up.”

Sir cups my face and looks into my eyes. “Are you okay?”

I nod my head to let him know that I’m alright. His left arm wraps around my waist and we walk back to the cabin. The boys had been following us so Sir calls the authorities.

The authorities haul off the idiotic boys. 

Sir draws a warm bath for me. He unties my hands and takes off the leash and collar. I get into the bath as Sir watches me. Then he starts taking off his clothes; I didn’t think he was joining me. Sir gets in behind me and I lean back on his chest. He’s playing my breasts and kissing my neck. 

“You’re mine!”

To be continued…





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  1. Pushed the limit in an uncontrolled environment. I have a problem with that but I get why he did it. I would have more control on who is around so if they acted up I can personally lay hands on them. But as a fantasy it is great. It is very edgy and keeps you on your toes. Kinda feel like punching those assholes but that is what feeling you want to invoke as you are reading this.

    1. I don’t think it would happen in real life. It’s just the direction my mind went that day.

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