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Thankful Thursday

Sir has been very busy this week so we haven’t talked as much as we normally do, but my world still revolves around pleasing him.

I really wanted to express how thankful I am for him. I feel like I hit the jackpot as his sub. It seems as if good Doms are hard to come by and it’s even more rare to connect so well with one so I am very lucky to have found him.

So this Thursday, I just wanted to share some of the reasons why I am thankful for him.

1) Patience. I come from a trauma filled past and he’s been understanding of that. When we first met, he didn’t force me into things. He eased into things slowly and was patient with me.

2) He knows me. Sir has gotten to know my body and mind. He’s known things about my body long before I did like what it would take to get me to squirt.

3) He cares for me. Sir checks on me both physically and mentally. When I’m sick or when I’ve had an emotionally rough day, he’ll check to see how I’m feeling. He helped me cope with past abuse and continues to encourage me.

4) Intelligence. Sir is really smart. He always keeps me mentally engaged and gives great advice. Sometimes, he’ll point out a grammatical mistake so I can correct it, hopefully before any of you notice it.

5) He’s super sexy. Sir makes my mouth water. Both his personality and appearance make him super yummy.

6) He arouses me. Sir has this quality about him that makes me fantasize about him quite often. And with his mere words, he often leaves me very wet.

Those are just some things that I’m thankful for. There’s a lot more. I can go on and on about my Dom. I could probably write a novel about how we play, my fantasies, and everything in between, but I’ll stop at this for now. Thank you Sir! You are the only Dom for me!

Yours Truly,

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