Hidden Public Striptease

Yesterday, Sir made me go outside dressed. He made me do a striptease until I was completely naked. I recorded a video so Sir could watch me. I like showing him my slutty body. I imagine him physically being here. How would he react? Fantasizing about the things he’d do to me if we were face to face.

Sir ordered me to masturbate. I’m pretty sure the neighbors saw me naked. It’s a bit nerve wracking, but I secretly hope someone did see me as it would be thrilling if I knew someone was masturbating to my naked body.

I fingered my cunt then asked Sir for permission to squirt. Sir called me a “dirty Asian cunt.” That aroused me so much. I like when Sir talks to me like I’m a sex object. I like being his toy. If he was closer, he’d be able to fuck me whenever he wanted. My holes would be used and abused merely for his pleasure. I live to serve him. I aim to please him.

I squirt all over the ground. My squirt juice dripping down my legs before it hit the ground. I want to make Sir proud so I try to do anything he asks.

Yours Truly,

The Sassy Sub Daily

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