Virus Strain

I’ve been seeing the sexy dad for 2 months now. I’m still a bit uncertain of where we stand.

We got into our first fight the other day because of Coronavirus and this whole mandatory statewide lockdown. What this lockdown means is that we can’t see each other. It could go on for months.

To have the end date be open ended is a bit ignorant if you ask me. To keep people without any social interaction would certainly lead to higher rates of depression. I think there needs to be an expiration date on the lockdown order so people don’t lose hope. Say it’s for 14 or 30 days so people see some light at the end of the tunnel. If it’s indefinite, people will soon feel hopeless and you’ll still have deaths on your hands because it could lead to suicidal tendencies.

With it being open ended, there is also more crime as people can’t go to work so they become desperate. Who knows if I’ll still have a job in another month. If that’s the case, I might as well migrate to the streets. This is the case for so many others. You have to give us some hope. I feel as the government does a better job at creating panic than giving their people hope.

Anyway, this thing is putting a strain on my relationship as I’m sure it’s straining other relationships. Couples that don’t live together could be separated for months. Couples that do live together are likely to go crazy being around their significant other 24/7. Divorce attorneys better saddle up because after this over, you’ll be very busy.

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