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The Kidnapping (Part 4)

Bent over the kitchen table, Sir spreads my legs apart. My hands brace the sides of the table preparing for whatever he has planned next. He ties my hands to the table. He then ties my ankles to the table legs. There’s no escaping now. 

“Sir, what are you doing?”

“Shhh…do you trust me?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Yes Sir, what?”

“Yes Sir, I trust you.”

“Okay, then don’t question me little slut.”

“Yes Sir.”

Sir walks away and I wonder if he’s mad at me for questioning him. Maybe he doesn’t want to fuck me anymore. Maybe I’m too much of a brat for him. 

I hear the fridge open and clothes. Sir walks back toward me. What could he be up to that involved something from the fridge?

“Remember when I would ask if you had any fresh ginger?”

“Yes Sir. I remember.”

“What was your answer each of those times?”

“I never had any fresh ginger.”

“Mm, so you were never prepared to play with me, were you slut?”

“No Sir. I wasn’t prepared.”

“Luckily for you, I have some fresh ginger. It’s already been peeled.”

“For what Sir?”

“Oh you’ll see.”

I feel Sir begin to squeeze my ass. I start to moan. His strong hands arouse me so much. 

“You like that little slut?”


Sir spanks my ass. It stings, but it also feels so good. “Tell me, who does this slutty ass belong to?”

“You, Sir. It belongs to you.”

“Mm that’s what I thought. So that means I can do anything I want to this slutty ass.”

“Uhh huh. Yes Sir.”

“Such a dirty little slut.”

Sir spanks my ass a few more times. He spreads my asscheeks apart and I feel something cold and wet near my ass hole. His fingers begin to play with my clit. I begin to wince when I feel something being pushed into my ass hole. I try to get away, but I’m tied down.

“Sir, it hurts.”

Sir chuckles. “Give it a few minutes.” Sir continues to push something into my ass. It starts to tingle. It’s all the way in and Sir gives me ass another smack. 

“Sir, what is that?”

“Do you really need to ask, slut? Remember that piece of ginger…well, it’s now inside your ass.”

Sir starts to rub my clit again. “You’re soaking wet.”

I hear a belt and a zipper, followed by clothes hitting the floor. Sir must be naked, but he’s behind me so I can’t see him. I begin to whimper. 

“Why are you whining?”

“I don’t get to see you Sir.”

“Whether you see me or not, shouldn’t matter to you, slut.”

I feel Sir’s cock begin to tease my cunt. “I like that you’re always so wet for me. How much do you want my cock, fucktoy?”

“A lot, Sir.”

“How would a slut beg for cock?”

“Please Sir, please. Please fuck me.”

“Hmm, I’m not sure if you want it enough.”

“No Sir, I do want your cock. Please Sir. I’ll do anything to feel your cock thrust into my cunt.”


“Yes Sir. Anything.”

“Hmm…well, I hold you to do that.”

Sir’s cock moves up and down my slit. The throbbing is growing as I desire his cock inside me. He won’t fuck my cunt and I don’t know why. He continues to tease me and I think he’s having fun doing so. 

The tingle in my ass grows to a burning sensation. “Sir, my ass is burning.”

Sir laughs. “Mm, well this slutty ass belongs to me and I don’t feel a thing.” Just then his cock thrusts into my cunt without any warning. I gasp as I take in his size. His cock fills me completely. 

The burning in my ass mixed with the intensity of his cock fucking my cunt makes it hard for me hold myself together. I can feel it coming. 

“Don’t you dare cum until I say so, fuck pig.”

Sir grabs my hips and continues to fuck me harder and harder. He is grunting and moaning. I know he will cum soon too.

“Cum for me, cunt! Cum now!”

At his very command, I come undone. A few seconds later, Sir releases inside me. He collapses on top of my body. We’re both sweating and panting now. 

He slowly removes himself from me. “I’m going to take the ginger out now.”

“I hope it doesn’t hurt.”

Sir begins to pull the ginger out and it burns coming out. I whimper and wince until it’s fully out.

“I’m so proud of you, little slut.”

I can feel Sir’s cum start to drip down my legs. Sir notices as well.

“Oh little slut, I don’t want you dripping all over the cabin.” Sir grabs the collar and the leash and puts it on me. “We’re going on a little field trip, slut.”

“But I’m naked Sir.”

“That’s exactly the point.”

To be continued…





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  1. Master Logan says:

    Very forceful, that is not a bad thing in this concept. I like the fact that ginger was used me personal I really don’t know how it would work in the area you had choose. But that is because I have the lack of knowledge of using ginger. Now I have to test that out.

    I have reading this and this getting very good.

    1. SassySub says:

      I’ve never actually used ginger myself, but my Dom has asked me if I had fresh ginger on a few different occasions and my guess is that it was for figging purposes. I’ve read about it and heard stories of what it feels like so it became a part of my fantasy haha.

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