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Why Distance Doesn’t Break My Submission

As I’ve written several times, there’s quite a bit of distance between my Dom and I. Three months of online play. Three months of lusting over him. Three months of fantasizing about him fucking me over and over again. Three months without my Dom.

Yes, the distance is hard. Yes, I have a longing to be closer to him. Yes, I desire to feel his cock use my holes. Yes, I want to kneel before him and serve him to the best of my abilities.

But this can’t happen because of the distance.

Still, I remain submissive to him. I’ve never wanted to submit to anyone like this before. I’ve never trusted anyone to use me like this before. I’ve never let myself be vulnerable with anyone like this before.

There have been a lot of firsts with my Dom. I’ve happily given those to him and I’d give him so much more.

The distance has not broken my submission because my Dom isn’t like any other man I’ve encountered before. He’s nothing like the guys who have hurt me. Yet, he’s not like the men who have bored me. He’s unique. He’s special. He captivates me and holds my attention. He challenges me. He encourages me.

He, all in all, makes me better. A better writer. A girl. A better person. A better submissive.

He helps me tap into a side of me that I kept hidden under lock and key. He helps me cope with the darkness and pain within. He helps me deal with health issues both physically and emotionally.

He’s ultimately there for me. He shows me that he cares. Even miles apart, in a way, he’s able to nurture me.

He doesn’t force my submission. It’s of my own free will. I don’t feel like just another number to him. That makes me want to submit even more so.

I trust him. I’m honest with him. I try not to hide anything from him. If it came between my family and my Dom to make significant life choices for me, I’d choose my Dom. He knows the real me. He knows the things I try to hide. I trust him with my life.

Yours Truly,

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