Sex Toy Sunday – Omax Health O-Shot CBD Arousal Oil

Given that I’m still sick in bed, there is not much play going on. I thought I’d review a lubricant today. While it’s a sex toy, I have used it for play. I usually use it with Ben Wa Balls when my Dom orders me to.

This particular lubricant is the O-Shot CBD Arousal Oil for Women by Omax Health. I had never used any CBD products before I discovered Omax. I had heard Evan DeMarco speak an event before and was able to try their Cryofreeze. It was amazing and found that many of my lingering pains went away.

I had gotten O-Shot though I was not sexually active at the time. After my ex, I went through a long dry spell. The first time I tried O-Shot, I only used my fingers. It brought a lot of pleasure, but I did not orgasm. I was a bit disappointed because they advertised that it, “instantly heightens sensations and arousal for more intense orgasms.”

It’s not their fault though, I just have an incredibly difficult time reaching an orgasm. I’ve had very few in my life.

I would not recommend using this product on all sex toys. I’m pretty iffy on using anything except water based lubricants on silicone toys just because I want to be able to preserve my toys for as long as possible. However, I would recommend it for masturbation with your fingers or once in a while with Ben Wa Balls or possibly kegels. You could probably even use it to spice up your sex life. Maybe I’ll try this the next time the sexy dad fucks me.

This product contains absolutely no THC so if you’re worried about getting high using this product, you won’t. It is oil based so it is long lasting. You will not need to keep reapplying like you need to with water based lubricants. I do however, need to wash my hands right after applying it. It’s not sticky, but it does leave that oily residue on your fingers which I don’t really care for.

My Dom will sometimes have me go out wearing Ben Wa Balls. One day, he told me to use this lube. He referred to it as the stimulating lube. I used the lube and put the balls in then went to the store. Every bump and turn made me squirm as the lube increased arousal with the balls in. That day, I was ordered to squirt in the toilet. I went off to the toilet and fingered myself. The lube had increased my level of arousal so much that I squirt everywhere and it was all over my clothes. I had to throw away my panties and put my leggings under the hand dryer. The balls had also slipped out and fallen on the floor how slippery they had become and how powerful the squirt was.

I recommend this product for occasional use. It’s not my everyday go-to, but it’s still fun to use. I’ll use it sparingly and I find will oils, a little goes a long way. It is scented so just be aware of that. The scent is just alright to me, but I could definitely do without it or with a completely different scent.

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