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Happy White Day!

March 14th. We’ve made it to the three month mark. Three months of being his sub. It’s quite significant because I was always terrible with committing. Maybe I was just too young before.

I can’t imagine subbing for any other Dom. He’s the only Dom I could ever need or want. His mind is sexy and physically, he’s quite yummy. Why would I ever dream of looking for someone else?

We haven’t played recently, which really does suck. We won’t be able to play this weekend because as I am writing this, I am sick in bed.

My need for him has only grown as I become more and more attached. I tell him everything. I’m not sure why I am able to be so vulnerable with him. I’m rather closed off and keep people at arms length, but somehow I just bare my soul to him.

Today is also White Day. In Japan, it’s a holiday that takes place one month after Valentine’s Day. In Japan, the woman gives chocolate to the man or men that she likes. On White Day, if the man or men reciprocate those feelings, they’ll give the girl special white chocolate.

As a needy submissive, my Dom is a gift himself. I’ve never been one who was impressed by a multitude of gifts. I once took that love language test. According to the test, I respond best to quality time. It is definitely true. I tend to cling to those who spend more time with me. Given that my Dom and I talk on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that I cling to him.

The love language I dispense the most is gifts. With my Dom, the gift is more intangible. I give him the gift of my submission.

For Valentine’s Day, I took nudes and turned them into a graphic that said “Happy Valentine’s Day.” It’s what I sent him and I also wrote that Valentine’s Day fantasy piece. Maybe if I was a Japanese national, I’d wish for something in reciprocity, but I’m American and I’m a submissive.

So for this White Day, I’ll do something different. I long to serve and please my Dom even while I’m sick so I’ll reiterate my loyalty to him. He’s the only Dom I want to serve and surrender to. So please Sir, do with me as you please.

Yours Truly,

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