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The Kidnapping (Part 3)

Happy Friday! Part 3 of The Kidnapping for Fantasy Friday. I apologize for ending on yet another cliff hanger. I hope you enjoy it though.

Sir answers the door and it’s the two girls that were hiking. One is blonde and the other is a red head. They’re both busty, but otherwise fairly petite. Sir invites them in and I try to cover up.

“What did I say about covering up?”

I drop my hands. I stare at the ground because the two girls are staring at me. The blonde girl has these sapphire eyes and the red head has jade green eyes. 

The girls whisper something in Sir’s ear. 

“Come here, little slut!” I walk toward him and he spins me around so the girls can see me. They whisper something else in his ear and they start to giggle. “Hmm okay.” Sir turns to me. “Lay on the floor, little slut.”

I reluctantly do as he says. I know this will be something I don’t want to do. Suddenly, I see clothes being thrown across the room. The two girls are now naked as well. The red head seems to be the more dominant one of the two. She crouches over me then pinches and twists my nipples. “You’ll be our bitch for the next hour or so. Please my slave and I well and maybe I’ll let you cum.” I shutter because Sir is now making me submit to two girls. “How does it feel to be even lower than my slave?” She let’s go of my nipples. “Now get on all fours!” I hesitate and Sir chimes in. “Listen to her, slut!”

I get on all fours. The red head opens her bag and pulls out a strap-on. “Well, I was going to use this on my slutty Barbie before the end of our hike, but I think this is a far better opportunity.” The red head turns to the blonde girl, “Lie on the floor in front of this Asian slut.” The blonde girl complies without any hesitation.

The red head puts on the strap-on then grabs onto my hips. She thrust the fake dick into my cunt and I gasp. It’s strange. It doesn’t quite feel the same as a cock. She grabs my hair and pulls my head back. My back is arched and she whispers in my ear, “Have you ever been fucked by a woman before?” I shake my head and she lets out a wicked laugh. 

She puts my head back down, but begins thrusting harder and harder. I whimper. I look toward my Dom and he’s just watching. He seems to be rather amused. A tear falls from my eye and my breath starts to hitch. I feel like I’m going to cry. The blonde girl sees the anguish on my face and starts to laugh. 

The red head is not so amused with the laughing. “Stupid Barbie! Why the fuck are you laughing?” The blonde girl laughs even more before answering. “Miss, she looks like she’s going to cry. I don’t think she can handle it.”

The red head leans over me while keeping the fake dick in my cunt. She wraps her arms around me then grabs my tits. She squeezes them hard and says in my ear, “Why the fuck are you crying? I know a slut like you isn’t a virgin.”

Quivering, I begin to answer, “Because Sir was supposed to fuck me this weekend and now the weekend might end I won’t get to feel his cock.”

Sir laughs. “Oh little slut, no matter who fucks you, you are still mine. And I plan to use all of your holes multiple times. The weekend is just getting started.”

The red head lets go of my tits and grabs my hips to continue to fuck me hard again. I start to feel like my walls are going to convulse. “Don’t you dare cum, you dirty slut!” She pulls out and spanks my ass multiple times. 

The red head turns to Sir and asks, “Hey! Can you grab my phone out of my bag and record what happens next?” Sir obliges. 

The red head thrusts once more into my cunt then pushes my face into the cunt of the blonde girl. “Lick and suck her well. I want to see her squirt like you did in the window.”

I begin to lick and suck on the blonde girl’s cunt. She tastes pretty salty. It’s not really good. “She’s a salty bitch, isn’t she?” The red head begins to laugh. “Keep licking and sucking her though. A slut like you shouldn’t mind.”

The red head pushes my face further into the blonde girl’s cunt. The blonde girl begins to squeeze her thighs around my head. She begins to squirm and then suddenly, she squirts all over my face. The red head pulls out. “Now kiss salty bitch with tongue. I want her to taste herself.” I begin to get up when the red head stops me. “No lie on your back. She will come to you.” I’m on my back and the blonde gets on top of me. We begin to kiss. 

The red head tells the blonde girl to get off of me. “Now, you need to please me. You will eat me out until I cum.” She sits on my face and begins to ride my mouth. I lick and suck her cunt. She starts to moan. In between moans, she tells the blonde girl, “Have a taste at an Asian cunt.”

I suddenly feel a tongue on my clit. It must be the blonde girl eating me out. Sir must be enjoying his. He’s always wanted to see another girl ride my face. He said the thought of it aroused him. I guess he will have to have his way with me after this. 

I continue to lick and suck on the red head’s cunt. She tastes better than the blonde girl. She has hints of a sweeter taste. The red head begins to quiver as she cums all over my face. The blonde girl is still eating me out. The red head looks at me, “Is this your first time with another girl?” I nod my head. “Mm very well then. Stupid Barbie, be more aggressive than that.”  The blonde girl begins to swirl her tongue about and suck my cunt lips even harder. I begin to squirm. “Oh the Asian slut wants to cum.” She begins to smacks my tits over and over again. “Now you may cum, but after you must clean both the Barbie’s and my own cunt with just your tongue.”

The blonde girl continues to probe my cunt with her tongue. I become undone and start to cum. I finish cumming and the red head pushes the blonde away from me. She kicks my side and tells me to get up. She sits on the floor with the blonde girl. They both have their legs spread wide open. “Go on! Clean me first then the Barbie second.”

I lick both of their cunts clean. The red head and the blonde get dressed again. Then the read head pulls out a wad of cash and hands it to Sir. “Thanks for letting us use your ho.”

The girls leave the cabin. Sir looks to be aroused. He grabs me and slams me into the table. He whispers in my ear, “My dirty whore, we’re about to have a whole lot of fun.”

To be continued…





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