Are We Evolving?

It’s been nearly two month since I started seeing the dear old dad. I’ve never consistently dated someone this long without having the labels boyfriend and girlfriend. I know that he sees me as a sex object, but it seems as though I’m a sex object he wants a future with.

We cuddled in bed. Our naked bodies tangled together. He looked into my eyes as he pulled me closer to him. He gave me a faint smile before pulling me in for a kiss. His eyes are blue. He has scruff on his face, but his hair is light so you can’t always see the scruff, but you can certainly feel it as it brushes against your skin.

Things were a lot different this time. It felt a bit more domesticated. Lying with him on the couch as we cuddle and watch TV. Sharing a blanket so he still has access to my body. He likes to touch me especially between the legs. I spread my legs for him to give him better access. He was playing with my clit and I was squirming. I was holding onto him and burying my face into him. I whispered, “Baby, I want you.” He threw the blanket off of me, pushed me onto my back and got on top of me. We had already had so much sex that it was more difficult for him. That round ended up being cut short, but we cuddled on the couch again. He pulled me closer to him…closer than he’s ever pulled me in before. His arms wrapped around me. It felt like I belonged there, like I was safe.

For the first time, it felt like we could be a couple. It just felt natural with him. It felt like it is was more than just sex. It somehow went from just being casual sex to something else, but I’m not completely sure what it is.

I feel as though our relationship is evolving. Neither of us are dating anyone else so I guess we’re exclusive. Don’t get me wrong, even if he makes it official and labels me as his girlfriend, I’ll still have my Dom. He’s okay with me having a Dom. It doesn’t bother him. However, he does want to bring another girl into our relationship. It won’t be polyamorous. He doesn’t want to fuck the other girl. He wants to fuck me, but he also wants to watch another girl use me sexually.

I’m not sure where we’re heading, but our dynamic has certainly changed. We’re still very much so sexual with each other, but his actions have somewhat changed. He’s been a bit bolder, but he cares about me and I can tell by the little things he does for me.

Yours Truly,

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