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Feral and Fertile

Today is a full moon, but it is also part of my fertile window. If you don’t know what that means, well, it means that I need sex and a lot of it too.

I don’t believe in all that astrology, magic mumbo jumbo. However, according to all that witchery, I follow a White Moon Cycle. This means that I am fertile during the full moon and menstruate during the waning or new moon.

I guess the earth is also more fertile during the full moon and the moon is symbolic of female energy. I can’t really attest to much of that as I don’t believe in looking to the stars to tell me my future and whatnot.

I can attest to being more sexually aroused during the full moon. Growing up, my mom would say the full moon made people act crazy. It brought the werewolves out. I think someone women get their periods during the full moon and yes, they do act like monsters. Then there’s those of us who are fertile during the full moon and it turns us into feral beings.

I am very horny at the moment. I told the dad that I wanted to sneak over to his place so that he can fuck me tonight. I’m not sure if this will happen yet, but he’s going to try to make it happen. I’d really like to have sex more often, but it’s really hard when you’re dating a single dad.

If I could, I’d be in his bed nearly every night. I’m a highly sexual being and I crave sex. I think as I’ve gotten older, I’ve only gotten hornier. I was not a horny teenager or even a horny college student. I more so embraced my sexual nature later in life.

When I’m fertile, I’m like a wolf. I go on a hunt. I stalk my prey and I pounce. His cock won’t stand a chance. I will drain it completely with how sexual I am. I drained his cock this weekend. His seed was not wasted as he came inside me…like he always does.

Yours Truly,

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