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The Kidnapping (Part 2)

Happy Fantasy Friday! Here’s the next installment of The Kidnapping. Enjoy!

It’s morning and I’m still naked in bed. Sir said today would be a long day. I wonder what he has planned. He’s still sleeping so I guess I’ll make some breakfast.

I walk out to the kitchen and look to see if there’s any food to make. There’s potatoes, a variety of vegetables, bacon, eggs, and several different loaves of bread. I begin dicing the potatoes, onions and bell peppers to make Potatoes O’Brien. I finish dicing everything and throw it into a frying pan along with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a bit of garlic powder. I grab another pan and throw a few strips of bacon in. I scramble some eggs and leave them to the side.

The potatoes are starting to brown and the bacon is nearly cooked. I throw the eggs into a third pan along with a dash of milk, salt, and pepper. Sir comes up from behind me and startles me. One hand wrapped around my waist and the other between my legs. Sir starts to finger me as I finish cooking the food. “Don’t cum and don’t burn the food or else there will be a punishment waiting for you.”

I’m moaning, barely able to say anything that makes sense. “Yes Sir.” I’m beginning to pant. 

The bacon is crispy, the eggs are done, and the potatoes are nicely browned. Sir’s fingers slip out of my cunt and I begin to whimper. “There will be more of that later, my little slut.” He takes his fingers and puts them to my mouth. “Suck them clean. I want you to taste your cunt again.” I lick and suck his fingers clean. “Good girl, now, dish me some food to eat.” 

“Yes Sir.” I comply and bring his food to the table. I grab my own food and sit down with him…I’m still naked of course. I eat the eggs and potatoes first to save the best for last, but Sir takes the bacon off my plate and eats it in front of me. “The bacon sure is good.” He taunts me as I pout. “The bacon was mine anyway, little slut.” 

I take the dishes to the sink and begin to wash them when I feel something about to intrude my ass. It’s slowly pushed in and my breath hitches. “That should prepare your ass for the pounding it will be taking later.” I finish washing the dishes in discomfort from something being in my ass. 

I walk toward the living room and Sir is sitting in a recliner reading a book. He looks up at me. “Don’t just stand there. Kneel, fucktoy!” I kneel in front of him and he unzips his pants. He keeps his pants on, but takes out his cock. “Be a good girl and suck it well.”

“Yes Sir,” I respond. Sir goes back to reading his book as I start to suck his cock. First the tip, then his shaft. Sir drops the books on my head and he lets out a guttural sound. His cock pulsates in my mouth. He pushes my head off his cock and cums all over my face. “That’s a nice look on you, fuckpig.”

Sir has me clean up his cock with my mouth. He doesn’t let me wash my face.  Instead, he opens all the curtains and tells me to stand in front of a full length window. “I want anyone who passes by to see how much of a slut you are.” 

“Yes Sir.”

There’s a few hikers that walk toward the cabin. I try to cover up with my hands, but Sir won’t accept it. “Don’t try to cover up. I know you like showing off your slutty body.”

“Yes Sir.” I drop my hands to my side. As the hikers get closer, Sir pulls the object out of my ass. He presses my naked body against the window and begins to fuck my ass. 

“Now, they will know how dirty you are. Finger your cunt and give them a show.”

“Yes Sir.” My fingers start to thrust in and out of my cunt while Sir continues to fuck my ass. Sir’s head is resting against me so the hikers can’t see his face. They can only see my face so they grab their phones to take pictures of me. I turn bright red in embarrassment. The hikers leave and Sir cums in my ass. He removes his cock from my ass. 

“Keep fingering your cunt like that. If you have to squirt, you better ask for permission first.”

“Yes Sir.” I continue to finger myself for a few minutes and I feel like I’m about to squirt. “Sir, may I please squirt?” There’s no answer. “Please Sir, please. I need to squirt.” Still no answer. “Please Sir. I’ll do anything you want.”


“Yes Sir. Anything.”

“Hmm okay. You may squirt, but I will come up with something for you to do later.”

“Yes Sir.” As I start to squirt, two more hikers pass the cabin. They stare in shock and I turn bright red. Sir is laughing because he can see that I got caught. 

The hikers are laughing and look like they’re going to leave. Then there’s a knock on the door. 

To be continued…





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  1. You and these cliffhangers…good thing I am back and you have written more so I don’t have to have wait. Man I have been gone way to long with everything happening in the world.

    I would understand if a sub took the bacon back. I would’t have taken the bacon that is so messed up. Great post!!!

    1. We’re in lockdown. I don’t know how I’ll survive that. Chances are I already had the virus and recovered. I was sick and now I’m getting better. I wish there was enough testing for everyone because then maybe it would show that I have antibodies. If that’s the case, I should be free to roam as I please.

      But Sir can do whatever he wants even take bacon away from me. I belong to him so my food is his food. It may cause me to pout, but if he is pleased then I am happy as well.

      1. You still might be carrier and that is the thing. So just keep your cool and everything will be fine.

        1. It’s an open ended lockdown so it could mean being stuck in the house for months. I just think it’s wrong that celebrities with no symptoms can get the test while regular people who are sick don’t qualify. The celebrities end up with a negative result, but I bet they get sick later and require an additional test which just takes tests away from other people once again.

          1. Being stuck sucks and a lot of people don’t like the fact that they have to right now. We are trying to stop the spread of this virus and I feel you on the fact that we can’t get tested but things will get better and things will be back to normal hopefully.

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