When We Play

I get really excited when Sir plays with me. I like being his little toy. Sir always manages to make my cunt soaking wet. Last weekend, I didn’t get to play because it was that time of the month. The aunt likes to visit for the weekend and spoil all the fun.

I’m addicted to him and can’t stay away. I know many people who wouldn’t understand the thrill in being humiliated or treated like a sex object, but I like feeling sexually desired by him. I like when he talks about how he would fuck me. I fantasize about the many ways in which he could actually fuck me.

I tend have dreams where he’s taking me forcefully or forcing me to do something I may not want to do. I guess this is why he says my thinking seems Gorean.

Our playtime is better than when I have sex with someone else. The only time I’m physically able to orgasm is during play with my Dom. I know the guy I’m dating is a bit disappointed that he hasn’t been able to make me cum yet. I really can’t figure out why that is yet. Maybe it’s because I feel safer with my Dom that with anyone else. Or maybe it’s because I fear that the guy I’m dating will leave me soon. It could also be due to the fact that my Dom was the first man I’ve orgasmed for and subconsciously, I tell myself that the first orgasm during sexual intercourse should belong to my Dom.

My body and my mind are his so I guess it’s only natural to feel that my orgasms belong to him as well. I don’t even know if what my body is doing is really a thing. Maybe I’m just a little crazy in the head.

Yours Truly,

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sass c.

i'm just your average girl with a dirty mind. young, asian and submissive...does that pique your interest? constantly in a battle with myself whether to stay confined by my cultural values or to break free like the freak i am.

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  1. There might be a mental block. Not saying that the stand in is not trying hard enough. It seems to me you and him can’t connect on that deeper level that you need mentally.

    This is just a suggestion if all parties are with it. Would you have your DOM watch you be with your stand in so he could have control of everything going on? I know that is not for everyone but it would make a great time if everyone was with it and you could share that first physical orgasm. him and your DOM.

    1. There is no way of that happening haha. I think my Dom would only watch me with another girl and the guy I’m dating would only want another girl to watch haha.

      1. To have that kinda of control is very empowering. It is like having tow subs at the same time and they are entertaining you.

        ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAIN?! God that is great movie. Sorry for the outburst.

        But yes to have to subs fuck exactly how you want is powerful. “Mount her like the whore she is. Ravage her till I tell you to stop.” that Kinda sounds like some mid-evil time kinda stuff. “But Sir, I can’t hold it much longer her loins are as a cool breeze caressing the body and enlightening the world with the her gift of lustful passion.” As the the slave man is reaching his limit. ” You shall not release your manhood until I have in her wonderful mouth.” Yep it would go little something like that. But then still missing the physical part of the DOM.

        1. My Dom would definitely not want a male sub haha. He’s made that very clear. I had verify that I was indeed a girl before I became His sub.

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