Writer’s Block

My brain has been a bit fried and I’ve been finding it a bit more difficult to come up with topics to write about. Sometimes, I try to put myself in the shoes of a character. I don’t like to write poems from the point of view of my own fictional characters because they always contain an aspect of who I am so I’d only have writer’s block again. Today, I put myself in the shoes of a character created by a writer friend, Zavi James.

I’ve written about her works before. This piece is specifically about her story, Til Death Do Us Part. Two organized crime families come together in an arranged marriage between the son of the Diaz family and the daughter of the Da Silva family. They hate each other at first, but eventually fall in love. At the moment, the story currently has 42 chapters and Via has just been kicked out by Santi.

The poem is written from Via’s point of view in her current state. Sometimes, home is not a place, it’s a person or a group of people. They’re your safe place. They accept you, flaws and all.

Via had grown attached to Santi and they hardly ever spent time apart. To go from that to being abandoned is heart wrenching. I think about how it would feel if my Dom suddenly didn’t want me anymore. I feel like I’d be lost and a bit broken. It has to be a million times worse for Via.

I hope Santi gets his head out his ass and asks Via for forgiveness.

On another note, Chapter 1 of The Shadow is now out. As the story goes on, it will get a bit more sadistic. I have more chapters published elsewhere, but I will not release that link. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. alwayswillin says:

    I liked your writing, I didn’t like that you are stuck in that conundrum. Love to you.

    1. SassySub says:

      Thank you.

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