Better With Age

I used to box myself in and limit my interests. I only wanted a man up to five years older than me and younger always seemed out of the question. It’s no wonder I was never satisfied with any of the men.

Taking a look at my celebrity crushes, it would have given a big clue. I wasn’t all that attracted to fresh meat; I like what had aged well. While Scott Eastwood is pretty damn fine, I found myself fantasizing more so about Donnie Wahlberg or Patrick Dempsey.

I like older men. Though I may have tried to deny it, I always have. Once I let go of the whole idea of only dating/having sex with guys that fit within that box, my eyes were open to the world anew.

My Dom is older than me. When we first started chatting, he tells me, “Well, I am old.” I don’t consider him old, just older than me. For me, too old to think of sexually would be 60s +. That will probably change in another decade, but at the moment that’s where my mind is at. I find my Dom incredibly delicious. *licks lips while typing this

The guy I’m dating is also older than me. He thinks I’ll get bored of him because he’s “too old” for me. Yet, I have had sex with him more times than I have with any other guy in my past. I find him sexy. When we make out, it’s quite intense.

My friends probably think I’m a bit strange for being attracted to older men. I had a friend tell me that she saw an “old man” and thought of me. I rolled my eyes because it was probably an 80 year old man with no teeth. I may like older men, but I’m definitely not attracted to men that old. Can you imagine me saying, “Oh your wrinkles and dentures are so sexy.” Haha. I’d look like their granddaughter.

I don’t have daddy issues where I’m looking for someone to fill that void. I really don’t like calling men daddy; it somewhat weirds me out. Maybe if I had kids, I wouldn’t mind saying daddy when I’m talking to a young child about their dad.

I think after being disappointed time and time again by my own peers, I realized that older men had a certain finesse that my peers were lacking. It’s not the case with all older men as some never do grow up, but most of the time, they are wiser and maturer than their younger counterparts. They tend to have stable careers. I’m not looking for a sugar daddy, but I’m certainly not trying to be anyone’s sugar mama. Been there, done that and a man should come home with his own damn paycheck, rather than leeching off of mine.

I’ve heard younger guys argue that they’re better in bed, but I can attest that older men have no trouble in bed. The amount of sex within a few hours with an older man is way more than that with a younger guy. Younger guys will get off a couple times and be done. I’ve found that older men will take me to pound town and back over and over again. When you’re like the energizer bunny in bed, you need someone who will fuck you over and over again. I’m insatiable, but older men seem to be quite yummy. Sometimes, they’re like wine and just get better and better with age.

Yours Truly,

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  1. Enjoy being young, love. One day you’ll be old. Problem is, when you get old, you still think you’re young. You still have desires, fantasies & dreams. Then someone much younger, looks at you and says, “Haha.”

    1. I have no problem being young, but I’ve found myself more drawn to older men. They typically have no problem with me being young because I’m more open to trying new things. I’m pretty sure the guy I’m dating wants to try fucking me while I’m doing a handstand haha. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’ll give it a go.

  2. I am not old and I am not young. I am currently at a happy medium where I do well for myself and not have to worry about others. But yes older men are wiser and have learned how to take there time when needed. Old is also a state of mind as well. Some one can be old and be young at heart if their hart can take it. Younger could have an old mind and is very wise yet humble. Humble makes you wiser. You don’t make a impulsive decision when you are humble and wise.

    1. This is why I do not think of my Dom as old. He’s just older than me and I find him very sexy. However, some guys are “too old” for me. I wouldn’t have sex with an 80 year old man haha. Maybe in 30-40 years from now, but definitely not today haha. I’ve given younger guys a chance, but there was a lot of immaturity, but I’m still considerably young so it’s to expected from most guys younger than me haha.

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