Happiness in Servitude

Yesterday, my Dom had asked me if I heard of Gorean literature. It was a completely foreign concept. He told me that it fit my way of thinking and explained it a bit.

I did a bit of research myself. From what I’ve read, Gorean philosophy teaches that women are only truly happy when they become slaves. I guess that part relates to me in a way. I tend to be my happiest when my Dom plays with me. I long for him to use me.

In the world of Gor, slaves are naked. Another thing I can relate to because I happen to like being naked for my Dom. Knowing that he sees my naked body is quite arousing.

The Master/slave dynamic is quite brutal. The women are captured, raped, and beaten to a pulp. If “free” women are captured by a man, they are reduced to being slaves and their status in the caste system is pretty much stripped from them. While I would rather not be beaten until I’m nearly dead, I do have fantasies where my Dom kidnaps or captures me. I do want to be taken by him forcefully, “against” my will.

Then there’s the whole branding thing. Do not try to burn my flesh with a hot iron rod. I’d rather not smell the flesh burning off of my own body. However, one can correlate this to a much milder version…body writing. The weekend, I became Sir’s sub, he instructed me to write his name above my cunt. It was to look like, “Mr. Smith’s fucktoy.” Sir had me take a picture of my cunt and send it to him. Definitely not as extreme as branding or getting a tattoo, but still significant in showing that I belong to him.

A slave is to serve at their Master’s command…whether it be sexual service, a massage, or just posing however the Master wants. From the beginning of my relationship with my Dom, I’ve always wanted to please him. Whether he tells me to stand naked in front of a window, watch a certain porno or go to the doctor, I do as he asks.

I don’t share all of the same philosophies, but I guess some of my thinking does correlate with Gorean philosophy. I didn’t even know what it was, yet my mind is drawn to a variation of that lifestyle.

The way I see my Dom is as a powerful man. I revere him and being his sub feels like an honor. He could’ve had any other sub, yet I am his and I find happiness in servitude to him.

Yours Truly,

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  1. I have taught the positions Gorean to a few open minded subs. It very much a another level of submission, it is a goal of a Master to to have a willing slave. Someone that has given their life to our beacon call. Some extremes are just that, extreme, being brought down to nothing more than a object. For some that is what they want be an object for someone.

    We are humans and we sometimes want something to be a object for us to play with at even given time. To be of service and to be wanted on levels you can only dream of. But for a few to live the dream. she is living her dream and she is a wonderful read it is just a recommendation.

    Also being in that is not for the weak of heart to go that path which is not for everyone. Not even for so called Masters… it is a calling and we who have answered the call will uphold to the task bestowed upon us.

    1. I read a couple of her posts earlier today. She just started following me so I decided to see what she had to say. I didn’t realize that it had anything to do with the Gorean philosophies. I don’t know much about it, but if my Dom wants to move in that direction, I’m game.

      1. She is very good source of information. She is willing to help if asked.

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